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Lesson Name Skill Level Rating Views Added
Moving Chord ShapesIntermediate2,81910/7/2008
Descending Bass LinesBeginner3,53610/7/2008
Strum Patterns For Slower SongsBeginner14,72210/7/2008
Alternating Bass Patterns Beginner3,47510/7/2008
Travis picking using G,C and D chords. Beginner11,33010/7/2008
E TagsIntermediate3,16310/7/2008
G Minor BluesIntermediate4,26910/7/2008
Acoustic Guitar Lessons "Picking Study"Intermediate4,94410/15/2008
"E Tags Two"Intermediate3,00610/15/2008
"Reggae Rhythm"Intermediate3,95210/15/2008
Travis Picking "In The Style Of"Beginner4,86410/25/2008
David Gilmour LicksIntermediate4,19610/31/2008
Acoustic Guitar Lessons "Chord Substitutions"Intermediate3,59011/1/2008
Acoustic Guitar Lessons "Chord Substitutions" 2Intermediate3,00511/1/2008
Open Chords For BeginnersBeginner3,09311/14/2008

Beginner Scales Level 01Beginner3,38311/28/2008
Beginner Chords D and EBeginner2,89311/30/2008
Extending Minior Pentatonic Scale 01Beginner2,4701/3/2009
Open C w/Barre F and GIntermediate2,0151/3/2009
Tune By EarBeginner3,0831/3/2009
Playing GuitarBeginner2,9571/3/2009
Finger Picking Chords Part 2Beginner3,0001/3/2009
Fingerpicking Guitar - MelodyBeginner3,6671/3/2009
Finger picking Guitar - Learning the notesBeginner3,4801/3/2009
Fingerpicking BasicsBeginner3,6271/4/2009
Lead Guitar Soloing - via BB KingExpert2,7361/4/2009
Acoustic Blues - The Land of A7Intermediate8,9411/4/2009
Begiiner Chromatic ExerciseBeginner2,7201/4/2009
Beginner Power ChordsBeginner2,4871/4/2009
Beginner Lessons 1-4Beginner3,5841/5/2009
Learn To Play - Smoke On The WaterBeginner4,8441/5/2009
Building Finger DexterityIntermediate2,7761/5/2009
Learning To Play Fast with YngwieExpert2,4711/5/2009
Learning To Play Back In BlackBeginner3,6021/5/2009
Learning To Play Iron ManIntermediate2,5751/5/2009
Learning To Play Basket CaseIntermediate2,0521/5/2009
Learning To Play Star Spangled BannerIntermediate2,7441/5/2009
Learning To Play Stairway To HeavenIntermediate4,3161/5/2009
Beginning ScalesBeginner3,8501/5/2009
Country Lead Guitar - IntroductionExpert2,9321/5/2009
Country Lead Guitar - RhythmExpert3,3401/5/2009
Country Lead Guitar - A La Chet AtkinsBeginner3,4451/5/2009
Country Lead Guitar - PickingExpert5,0711/5/2009
Country Lead Guitar - Behind the nut bendExpert2,6141/5/2009
Country Lead Guitar - Pedal Steel Lick 3Expert3,0761/5/2009
Country Lead Guitar - Major highwaysExpert3,1371/5/2009
Country Lead Guitar - Jazz influenceExpert3,1001/5/2009
Country Lead Guitar - Lick in CExpert3,9701/5/2009
Learn To Play - Tears In HeavenIntermediate3,6491/8/2009
Learn To Play - Johnny B GoodIntermediate5,2821/8/2009

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