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Lesson Name Skill Level Rating Views Added
Bass Guitar Lesson #10: The Melodic Minor ModesBeginner2,35010/5/2008
Bass Guitar Lesson #9: The Harmonic Minor ModesBeginner2,44510/5/2008
Bass Guitar Lesson #8: Making Bass LinesBeginner2,32510/5/2008
Bass Guitar Lesson #7: Slapping Part 2: Thumb SlapBeginner2,35310/5/2008
Bass Guitar Lesson #6: Slapping Part 1Beginner2,10910/5/2008
Bass Guitar Lesson #5: Ionian ExercisesBeginner2,26110/5/2008
Bass Guitar Lesson #4: C Major PositionsBeginner2,14810/5/2008
Bass Guitar Lesson # 3: The Major ModesBeginner2,38010/5/2008
Bass Guitar Lesson #2: Left Hand FingeringBeginner2,37710/5/2008
Bass Guitar Lesson #1: Right Hand FingeringBeginner2,47710/5/2008
Bass MutingBeginner2,40710/5/2008
Building Your DexterityBeginner2,67810/5/2008
Tapping Guitar LessonExpert2,76710/3/2008
Country Fried RiffageIntermediate3,38910/3/2008
Easy lick into Z. Wylde style.Beginner2,72210/3/2008

Metal Guitar Lesson ArpeggiosIntermediate2,67610/3/2008
Tritone Warm-UpBeginner2,51410/3/2008
Color Your Dominant Chords with TensionsIntermediate2,28610/3/2008
Advanced Rock Guitar Practice ExerciseIntermediate2,49810/3/2008
Essential Blues Guitar Practice TipsBeginner2,51910/3/2008
Play A Classic Rock Guitar Solo Intermediate2,92410/3/2008
Advanced Guitar Picking TechniquesIntermediate3,60010/3/2008
Basic Exercises for Walking BassIntermediate2,71310/3/2008
The Open F ChordBeginner2,76510/2/2008
C ChordBeginner2,48810/2/2008
B chordBeginner2,75610/2/2008
Power Chords and Rhythm PlayingBeginner2,72410/2/2008
Steve Trovato - Country RockExpert4,71710/2/2008
Country Shuffle in GIntermediate4,20410/2/2008
Country Blues Guitar LickBeginner3,89010/2/2008
Country Lick #1Intermediate3,32110/2/2008
Country Picking Tricks 101Beginner4,43810/2/2008
Tele Country Vol 6Intermediate3,60610/2/2008
The SpiderBeginner2,86210/2/2008
Slash ChordsBeginner2,54010/1/2008
Fast Rock Licks For Beginners 1Intermediate3,28110/1/2008
Bending VibratoIntermediate2,58010/1/2008
Basic Barre Chords Part 1Beginner2,83310/1/2008
12 Basic ChordsBeginner3,11910/1/2008
Finger StrengthBeginner3,07910/1/2008
Finger Bootcamp 1 - Speed & IndependenceIntermediate2,69810/1/2008
Pull Off'sBeginner2,72810/1/2008
Hammer On'sBeginner2,71510/1/2008
The Pentatonic ScaleBeginner3,59310/1/2008
Intro to Chiken Pickin'Intermediate4,5579/26/2008
Beginning ScalesBeginner3,5499/26/2008
D, Cadd9, and G Chord ProgressionBeginner4,8579/26/2008
Guide and Pivot FingersBeginner3,4529/26/2008
Finger and Thumb PositionsBeginner3,0399/26/2008
Barre ChordsBeginner3,6149/25/2008

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