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Lesson Name Skill Level Rating Views Added
Classic Rock Repeating LicksBeginner6,43310/7/2008
Howlin Wolf LickBeginner3,83810/7/2008
Acoustic Guitar Lessons "G blues"Beginner3,96510/6/2008
Acoustic Guitar Lesson "A Minor Blues"Intermediate2,61410/6/2008
Acoustic Guitar Lesson "Turnarounds"Beginner4,85310/6/2008
Acoustic Guitar Lessons "E Blues"Beginner2,73410/6/2008
Country Chordal LicksIntermediate3,68310/6/2008
Classical Lesson #10: Ballistic MotionBeginner2,55210/6/2008
Classical Guitar Lesson #9: The Left Hand, Part 3 Beginner2,46410/6/2008
Classical Guitar Lesson # 8: The Left Hand, Part 2Beginner2,21610/6/2008
Classical Guitar Lesson #7: Left Hand, Part 1Beginner2,39510/6/2008
Classical Guitar Lesson #6: ArpeggiosBeginner2,75110/6/2008
Classical Guitar Lesson #5: TremoloBeginner2,37310/6/2008
Classical Guitar Lesson #4: Free StrokeBeginner2,58910/6/2008
Classical Guitar Lesson #3: Rest strokeBeginner2,26910/6/2008

Classical Guitar Lesson #2: P strokeBeginner2,32410/6/2008
Classical Guitar Lesson #1: Positioning Beginner2,43810/6/2008
Brent Mason Lick 2Intermediate2,56810/6/2008
Decending Pattern in AIntermediate2,62410/6/2008
Open E RunIntermediate3,57810/6/2008
Open A RunIntermediate2,58010/6/2008
Open G RunIntermediate3,27310/6/2008
Open D RunIntermediate2,59410/6/2008
Adding Harmonics to Open D TuningIntermediate2,59410/6/2008
Open D Picking LessonBeginner3,34610/6/2008
Finger Picking Acoustic Exercise 2Beginner2,39610/6/2008
Finger Picking Acoustic Exercise 1Beginner3,51310/6/2008
Basic Guitar Lesson 7 Finger PickingBeginner2,22410/6/2008
Basic Finger PickingBeginner3,20910/6/2008
GPU Basic Beginner Barre ChordsIntermediate2,12910/6/2008
GPU Beginner Jazz Guitar LessonsBeginner2,10310/6/2008
Rock Out Fun Simple Lead GuitarIntermediate3,08210/6/2008
GPU Beginner Rock Guitar LessonBeginner2,14010/6/2008
Chicago Blues BeginnerBeginner2,87910/6/2008
Simple Beginner Blues GuitarBeginner2,82310/6/2008
Easy folk Open Chord EmbellishmentBeginner2,77610/6/2008
Beginner strumming/simple rhythms.Beginner3,35010/6/2008
Beginner Flamenco chordsBeginner3,37710/6/2008
Basic Beginner warm-up LessonBeginner2,79810/6/2008
Beginner Guitar TuningBeginner2,29910/6/2008
Absolute beginner Guitar Lessons- how to use a bluBeginner2,45110/6/2008
Slide Guitar Lesson: Minor LicksBeginner2,22910/6/2008
Slide Guitar LessonBeginner2,37810/6/2008
Slide Guitar Lesson 1 - Standard Tuning, fingers aIntermediate2,45310/6/2008
Bass Guitar Lesson #16: Matching Chords with The MBeginner1,80810/5/2008
Bass Guitar Lesson #15: Matching Chords with The MBeginner1,76710/5/2008
Bass Guitar Lesson #14: Chords & HarmonyBeginner1,87210/5/2008
Bass Guitar Lesson #13: Pentatonic and Blues ScaleBeginner1,86510/5/2008
Bass Guitar Lesson #12: The Additional Modes and SBeginner1,69810/5/2008
Bass Guitar Lesson #11: The Harmonic Major ModesBeginner1,86410/5/2008

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