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Warren Haynes - Soulshine (acoustic) (Chord)
Album: The Deep End, Volume I (2001)
Submitter: adevilsdevil (132) on 5/2/20
Month Views: 98 | Total Views: 98
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Soulshine (acoustic)
                       by Warren Haynes

INTRO   play 2x



Verse 1
G              D                            C                           G
When you can't find the light          That guides you through a cloudy day

G                     D                         C                          G
When the stars aren't shining bright    And you feel like you've lost your way

G                 D                      C            G
When those candle lights at home         Burn so very far away

G                        D                Em                 F
Well you got to let your soulshine       Just like my daddy used to say

F           G
Used to say soulshine      

G                D
It's better than sunshine

D                C
It's better than moonshine

C                     G
Damn sure better than rain

Hey now people don't mind

G                D
We all feel this way sometimes

D                   Em
You got to let your soulshine

F              G
Shine till the break of day

Verse 2  (chords same as verse 1)
    G                                    D
I grew up thinking that I had it made gonna make it on my own
    c                                      G
Life can take the strongest man and make him feel so alone

Now and then I feel a cold wind blowing through my aching bones

I just think back to what my daddy says he said boy in this darkness before the cold

Chorus  (chords same as chorus 1)

E                   C
Sometimes a man can feel this emptiness 

C                                    G
Like a woman has robbed his mother's very soul

Bm                            C
A woman too god knows she can feel like this

And when your world seems cold  

F          D
You got to let your spirit take control

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