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Tom Petty - Learning To Fly (Tab)
Submitter: microsysinc (2) on 1/11/09 1 comment
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Learning to Fly  -  Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers  (Greatest Hits CD)
  tabbed by microsysinc at


 3 guitars  -  guitar 1 electric with slight overdrive
            -  guitar 2 acoustic 12 string
            -  guitar 3 electric using slide with distortion,sustain

Intro - main riff (guitars 1,2  -  4 times,  drums enter on 3rd)
   F  *  F  C    C  C  C         Am *  Am   G    G  G  G  

Verse 1 (guitar 1 main riff, guitar 2 full chords)
       F       C    Am  G          F     C      Am  G
Well I started out,         down a dirty road.
F       C    Am  G    F   C      Am  G
Started out,          all alone.
        F        C     Am  G       F           C     Am  G
And the sun went down,        as I crossed the hill.
        F        C   Am  G       F         C     Am  G
And the town lit up,         the world got still.

Chorus 1 (guitars 1,2,3)
    F           C    Am  G         F         C     Am  G
I'm learning to fly,         but I ain't got wings.
F      C     Am  G          F       C      Am  G
Comin' down,         is the hardest thing.

Verse 2 (guitars 1,2)
Well the good old days,  may not return.
And the rocks might melt,  and the sea may burn.

Repeat Chorus 1

Instrumental (guitar 3 solo)

Verse 3
(guitars 1,2; drums tacet)
Some say life,  will beat you down.
Break your heart,  steal your crown.
(drums enter)
So I started out,  for God knows where.
I guess I'll know,  when I get there.

Chorus 2 (guitars 1,2,3)
I'm learning to fly,  around the clouds.
But what goes up,  must come down.

Bridge (drum-bass w/rolls, guitars 1,2  -  F  C  Am  G  -  2 times w/ double beats)

Repeat Chorus 1

Repeat Chorus 2

Tag (guitars 1,2,3)
    F           C     Am          G     F  C     Am          G          
I'm learning to fly… (learning to fly,           learning to fly)
    F           C     Am          G     F  C     Am          G          
I'm learning to fly… (learning to fly,           learning to fly)
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-BrianEarlHaines | 5/26/2009
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