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The Jaguars - The Way You Look Tonight (Chord)
Submitter: kraziekhat (171) on 7/4/17 1 comment
Month Views: 16 | Total Views: 507
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The Way You Look Tonight:The Jaguars.
#69 on BB Hot 100 on OLD HIT Records
in 1956.

 Eb Cm Ab Bb

(Verse 1)
Eb  Cm  Ab               Bb   Eb
Someday when I'm awfully low, when the world 
   Cm    Ab            Bb                 Eb
is cold, I will feel a glow just thinking of 
Cm  Ab              Bb      Eb
you and the way you look, tonight.
 Cm           Ab              Bb

(Verse 2)
Bb         Eb  Cm  Ab                 Bb
Oh, you're lovely, with your smile so warm.
Eb                Cm    Ab
And your cheek so soft..there is nothing
Bb            Eb   Cm   Ab               Bb
for me but to love you, just the way you look, 
  Eb   Ab   Eb


Gb        Ebm       Ab         Db     Gb
With each word your tenderness grows, tearing 
   Ebm      Ab   Db
my fears a..part.
Gb                  Ab   Abm      Db   Gb
And that laugh that wrinkles your nose touches 
           Bbm  Bb
my foolish heart.

(Verse 3)
       Eb  Cm      Ab     Bb
You're lovely, and never, never change.
Eb        Cm                Ab
Keep that breathless charm..won't you please 
arrange it?
Eb      Cm        Ab               Bb      Eb    Cm
Cause I love you, just the way you look, tonight.
 Ab        Bb        Eb   Cm

 Ab       Bb              Eb
(Just the way you look, toniiiiight.)

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.

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Great song,,,well done!!!!!
-aussief | 8/5/2017
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