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The Eagles - The Last Resort (complete) (Chord)
Submitter: FyrCom (8) on 1/2/09 3 comments
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The Last Resort  by the Eagles

Intro:  Piano  E

E             A
  She came from Providence
B                E  
  The one in Rhode Island
E                   A
  Where the old world shadows hang
B            E Esus
  Heavy in the air
E              A
  She packed her hopes and dreams
B          E Esus
  Like a refugee
E           A
  Just as her father came
B         E    E  Esus4
  Across the sea

E               A
  She heard about a place
B           E   Esus
  People were smiling
E                   A 
  They spoke about the red man's ways
B 	           E  Esus
  How they loved the land
E                      A 
  And they came from everywhere
B 	     E  Esus
  To the Great Divide
E 	   A
  Seeking a place to stand
B 	      E     E  Esus4
  Or a place to hide

E           A
  Down in the crowded bars
B 	       E  Esus
  Out for a good time
E 	      A
  Can't wait to tell you all
B                 E Esus
  What it's like up there
E                  A
  And they called it paradise
B           E Esus
  I don't know why
E                 A
  Somebody laid the mountains low
B                 E
  While the town got high

Interlude: E  Esus4    A7  A6    
           E  Esus4    A7  A6    
           E   B7   A   E   

E                     A
  Then the chilly winds blew down
B          E  Esus
  Across the dessert
E                  A 
  Through the canyons of the coast
B         E Esus
  To the Malibu
E               A
  Where the pretty people play
B          E  Esus
  Hungry for power
E              A
  To light their neon way
B                E   E  Esus4
  Give 'em things to do

E                      A
  Some rich man came and raped the land
B             E Esus
  Nobody caught 'em
E                A
  Put up a bunch of ugly boxes
B                      E  Esus	 
  And Jesus, people bought 'em
E                    A 
  And they called it paradise
B           E Esus
  The place to be
E                A
  They watched the hazy sun
B              E   
  Sinking in the sea

Interlude:  E  Esus4    A7  A6    
            E  Esus4    A7  A6    
(Key Change)
            G  Gsus4    Cmaj7  C6
            G  Gsus4    Cmaj7  C6
            G/D   D7   C/D

    (Piano) G6  Csus2  G6  Csus2  G6  Csus2   G6  Csus2        

G                   C
  You can leave it all behind
D            G
  And sail to Lahaina
G                         C
  Just like the missionaries did
D             G
  So many years ago
G                   C
  They even brought a neon sign
D         G
  "Jesus is Coming"
G                      C     
  Brought the white man's burden down
D                       G    
  Brought the white man's reign

G                    C           
  Who will provide the grand design
D                 G
  What is yours and what is mine
G                    C
 'Cuz there is no more new frontier
D              G
  We have got to make it here
G                      C
  We satisfy our endless needs
D               G
  And justify our bloody deeds
G              C
  In the name of destiny
D                 G   Gsus4
  And in the name of God

G           C
  And you can see them there
D           G
  On Sunday morning
G                 C  
  They stand up and sing about
D                 G
  What it's like up there
G            C
  They call it paradise
D            G
  I don't know why
G                    C
  You call someplace paradise
D          G
  Kiss it goodbye


G  Gsus4    Cmaj7  C6      
G  Gsus4    Cmaj7  C6
G  Gsus4    Cmaj7  C6

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Dude! You habve added and deleted many words to this song. I suggest you pick up a copy of the real tab and read it.; also the interlude is goodbut the cords are wrong. E Esus4 Amaj7 A6 E Esus4 Amaj7 A6 E/B B7 A/E E There you have it!
-Dana Naill | 1/3/2009
Thanks for the inpute Dana... Yes, "some" words were not correct (thats what I get for pasting the lyrics from someone else rather than doing it myself), corrections made. However, as far as the chords go, they are right on. Just as an example, by replacing the "A" chord with a "Amaj7" chord, it is too low, the "A" is right on. Just for nostalgia sake, these chords are from the 1974 EMI April Music Inc and Cass County Music, as written by Don Henly and Glenn Frey and published under license from Alfred Publishing Co. Inc. =)
-FyrCom | 1/4/2009
The chords I put in for the interlude were from Eagles Complete Sheet music by Frey and Henley.
-Dana Naill | 1/6/2009
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