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Tanita Tikaram - Valentine Heart (Chord)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (10) on 1/6/18 1 comment
Month Views: 20 | Total Views: 1,197
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Valentine Heart.
Tanita Tikaram.
Album: Can't Go Back.
Capo 5.

Intro: D Bm D Bm Bm7 Fmaj7 C

D                    Bm
If I was a Londoner, rich with complaint, 
      D                        Bm                                           
Would you take me back to your house,
                      Am   D       Gmaj7
Which is sainted with lust and the listless shade,
   D                     Bm
If I could have held you once more with that light,
F#m  D                      Bm             C
It's nothing to you, but it keeps me alive,
       A    D          C D                  C      D
Like a Valentine's Day,  it's a Valentine's heart, anyway.

Break: B C#/F Bm D B F# Bm

D                           Bm
The king and the ages, they fall by the plan, 
     D                        Bm
It's always the tired and the ordinary man,
           A6             Gmaj7          D
(It's the) challenge it's funny and such,
          Bm  F#m Bm     D             Bm
I want to see you again, I want to see you again,
        D          Gmaj7           A6        D   Gmaj7   D
It's so simple and plain, But I'll come back and see you again.

Break: Bm F#m Bm D Bm F#m Bm

D                        Bm
The lie is the angel, it doesn't exist,
  D                                        Bm           A
I tell you it's funny but you like just to twist all my words,
It's a shame you're so young, My word, it's a shame I'm so dumb,
I figure a house with the smoke and the fence,
    D                          Bm               G       D
The people round here would be pleased, take my word on this.

        G       D      Gmaj7                 D
I would believe just in you, just believe in you,  
                                  G          D
I would believe just in you, just believe in you.

Break: Bm D

D                         Bm
And five days to catch me around with my ring,
     D                           Bm                      A6
As I visit the friendships which meant everything to the girl,
         Em     Gmaj7         A6   D        Em    Gmaj7        D
With the clown's face, to the girl with the clowns face, round here.

Bm D Bm D

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Great Job!!!!!!
-aussief | 1/8/2018
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