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Searchers - When You walk In The Room (with Intro) (Chord)
Submitter: WayneXG95 (25) on 2/28/05 1 comment
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From: Andrew Rogers 
Subject: ./s/searchers/when_you_walk.crd

 	  	  	 "When You Walk In The Room"

Intro riff (on electric 12-string):

 	      v   v   v   v     v   v   v   v   

 	 (play intro riff 2x)

Verse 1:
 	 I can feel a new ...
 	 I can feel a glowing ...
               D                E              A    F#m
 	 I can hear the guitars ...
         D    C#m        E               A
 	 Every time that you walk ....

 	 (intro riff 2x)

Verse 2:

 	 I close my eyes for a second ....

 	 (intro riff 1x)


 	 D  C#m         E
 	 Maybe it's a dream ...
        D        C#m        E
 	 Walking right ...
        A                         F#m
 	 Wish I could tell you ...
        B7                            E
 	 But I only have the ...

Verse 3:

 	 I can feel-a something pound...


 	 (intro riff 1x)

 	 D     C#m        E               A
 	 Every time that you ...

 	 (intro riff 2x - second time unaccompanied; end on A)

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers

Andrew is spot on with this tab. The only thing I have to comment on
Is I play the E as E7..Now I mean played as a C7 shaped chord.
Let me explain this for the newbies.
If you know how to play a C7 then slide the chord structure down 5 fret
and use that...This is really a song to be played with barre chords to get 
that great 60's rock sound..have fun Wayne

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Great song and well done... R.I.P. Andrew Rogers
-aussief | 12/27/2009
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