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Ryan Adams - Chin Up, Cheer Up (Chord)
Submitter: randy_floyd (5) on 1/10/03
Month Views: 11 | Total Views: 3,130
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ryan adams
song:  chin up, cheer up
album:  demolition

Capo 3rd



Verse 1

(C)Took a walk with (G)you in the (C)shadow of my (G)shoes,

Danced ar(Am)ound the broken (E)blues in the (F)dirty summer (C)rain,

(C)Moonlight on the (G)cars parked in (C)single file, the (G)bars,

With their (Am)thick and rosy (E)smoke waving its (F)busted (C)hand


Bringin you (G)down, Can't bring you (C)down

Bringin you (G)down, Can't bring y(C)ou down

Bringin you (G)down, Can't hear the s(C)o(C/B)un(Am)d(G)

(C)Run through(C/B the river and (Am)every town(G)

(C)Pretty little(C/B) moon (Am)with it's (F)head on down (D)


Chin U(C)p (G) (C) (G) Cheer U(Am)p (E) (F) (C)

Chin U(C)p (G) (C) (G) Cheer U(Am)p (E) (F) (C) (Alright let's hear it!)


Note that the solo/chorus/verse/intro are all the same chord progression so it's not that hard to remember.

Verse 2
Took a walk with you and I busted up my shoe
In an old yellow canoe out in Holywood
You called the police, but they didn't care, the lease
On your place had run out, your landlord straightened his hat

Repeat Bridge
Repeat Chorus etc

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