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Ry Cooder - Nobody (Chord)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (10) on 3/10/18
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Ry Cooder.
Album: Jazz

Intro: G 

Gmaj7  C         G
Nobody knows the trouble I see,
Gmaj7  C         G  Em A7 C D7
Nobody knows but me,
    Gmaj7       Em                     Am7
When life seems full of clouds and rain,
I am filled with naught but pain,
Em6         C/D         Eb            C G
Who soothes my thumping bumping brain?
N/C   G B G Gm Am D7

         Gmaj7             E7            G
And when winter comes with snow and sleet,
    Am7                     A   D/A
And me with hunger and cold feet,
    Ebm    Em6               Gm6              Eb          G
Who says, "Here's a quarter, boy now you all, go and eat"?
Bbmaj7 Bm6  G D G Bb Am6

        D7                     G     Bb
I ain't never done nothing, to nobody,
   Am6 D7                           Gmaj7 C/G          G D7
And I ain't never got nothing, from no....body, no time.
D7                             G   C/G      G6
And until I get something from somebody sometime,
        G     E         G  Em           Gmaj7 Em   
Well, I don't intend to do nothing, for no....body, 
Dm7 G   C G Em A7 D7 G Bbm6 A7 D7/F#
No time.

     G                Em
Then summer comes all cool and clear,
       Am7                      D7          Eb EM
And my good friends they see me drawing near,
                   G           Eb             G
Who says, "Come on in here, man, have a beer"?
N/C    G D G Am& D7

G6                              Em
Last Christmas Eve it was about daybreak,
Am                     D/A
I was in that railroad wreck,
               Em         G      Eb     Bbm6 Eaug G
And who was it hauled the engine off my neck,
N/C              G D/F# G B7 Bb Am6
Not a living soul.

  Dm7        D7          G6     G
I ain't ever done nothing, to nobody,
Bb  D D7                            Gmaj7 C/Bb    G   C G
And I ain't never got nothing, from no....body no time,
D7                        Bb   G
Until I get me something, from somebody sometime,
            Gm             Em7
Well I been thinking it out,
And beyond a doubt, I ain't gonna do nothing,

For nobody no time.

Break: Bb D7 G G6 Bb D7 D Gmaj7 G6 Bm D7 G6 Gmaj7 Eb

  Gmaj7      Em7  Gmaj7 Em
I don't intend to do....nothing,
    Gmaj7 Gm7 E D7/F# G     Gmaj7 Em   D7 Gmaj7
For no....body, no....time, no....body no time.

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