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Ry Cooder - El Corrido De Jesse James (Chord)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (10) on 1/10/18
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El Corrido de Jesse James.
Ry Cooder.
Album: Pull Up Some Dust & Sit Down.

Intro: E A D6 E E6 E7 A6 C#m A

Amaj7                          B     D
Now the outlaw Jesse James was up in heaven, 
     E                      C#m7    A
With old friends around the kingdom throne,
A                                     D
Boys I was branded, as a bandit and a robber, 
Bm7   E                                A
But I never turned a family from their home.
A                                        D
I was sworn to pass no judgments here in heaven,
            E                               Amaj7                                                            
But there's goings on, a man can't stand no more,
E6          A                   D
Now there's no open carry up in heaven,
           E                            A
But please give me back my trusty forty four.

     C#             C#7          F#m  F#
With permission I go to dear old Wall Street, 
   B7                                      E7
My forty four will do the talking from now on,
F#7  D   A                           D
I'll cut you down to size my banking brothers, 
         F#m7        E7            Amaj7  
Put that bonus money back where it belongs.

Break: E6 A Bm D B E7 Bm7 E A D Bm D Bm7 E A

A                                 D6       D
Now you picked the pockets of los pro-be-citos (poor little men),
          E7                   E/F#        A                   
Spreading hardship and trouble through the land, 
A                                D
Their masters pay well for their falseness,
            E                       E/F#  A                           
That's what Jesse James could never understand,
C#7                             F#m F#
A minute to say and a second to die,      
B7/D#                                   E  Bm6
That's all you birds will ever get from me,
Now you lined your pockets well, 
But Iíll see you all in hell,
             E7            A                  
Burning like money for all eternity.

D Bm7 E A 
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