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Roy Orbison - Pretty Woman (Chord)
Submitter: cowboynemo (30) on 12/12/02 1 comment
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Roy Orbison

Played in the Key of (A) but starts with  run/riff in   (E) chord 
Should be played  at  100 beats / min.

Eight notes in the riff ...  //// is the number of times to play riff.

INTRO;  Drums   (1/2 E- riff // )  ( E-riff //// )


(E) Pretty (A)  Woman..... walking (F#m) down the street

Pretty (A) Woman .....the kind I`d (F#m) like to meet
Pretty (D) Woman ......I don`t be (E) leive you, you're not the truth 

No one could look as good as you (E) 

(E-riff / )  (E) mercy   (E-riff /// ) 

Pretty (A) Woman  won`t you  (F#m) pardon me

Pretty(A) Woman I could`nt (F#m) help but see
Pretty (D) Woman ........that you look (E) lovely as can be
Are you lonely and just like me (E)  

( E-riff /)   (E) grr-owell   (E-riff /// )

(strike heavy on  down strokes)   (E) - (E) - (D)

(D) Pretty Woman (G) stop a while 

(C) Pretty Woman (Am) talk a while 

(F) Pretty Woman (G) give your smile to (C) me

(D) Pretty Woman (G) yeah yeah yeah
(C) Pretty Woman (Am) look my way
(F) Pretty Woman (G) say you`ll stay with (C) me  (Am) ee

cause I (F) need you... I`ll treat you (G) right
                                             (E-riff ////)
(C) Come with me (Am) baby (F) be mine to (G) ni (E) ght

Pretty (A) Woman don`t (F#m) walk on by
Pretty (A)Woman Don`t (F#m) make me cry 

Pretty (D) Woman..... don`t (E) walk away, hey  

OK ....If that's the way it must be...OK   

I guess I`ll go on home, it`s late 
                                   (stop -just drums)
We`ll meet tomorrow night, but wait  

What do I see?  ( 1/2 E- riff // ) 

       (E-riff continues to the end)
Is she walking back to me? ........Yeah, she`s walking back to me 

Oh. oh, Pretty (A) Woman.  

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Just missing some Dm's and G7's.
Other then that a good tab.
-rawood | 6/12/2003
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