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Roy Harper - Nobody's Got Any Money In The Summer (Chord)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (0) on 3/5/18
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Nobody's Got Any Money In The Summer.
Roy Harper.
Album: Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith.  (1968)

Old Folkie, Still going at 77!

E        B       A            E
Nobody's got any money in the Summer,
E                           B
Oh dear me, what a terrible drag,
  E            B         A              E
I couldn't get very much number than in Summer,
C              B        C                 B
Beseeching the rent man, to be soft as he can,
         Em                                       B
Cos I've got a little money coming when I sell my MBE.

Em6            B                  A           E
All the folkie student population wearing rucksacks,
E                              Bmaj7
Taking my meal ticket over the seas,
    E                B          A             E     C
And half the blasted idiots are stuck in Yugoslavia,
              B    C                B
With hardly a Dinar, and looking no cleaner,
Than a Chinese wrestler's jock-strap,
Em                              B
Cooked in chip fat, on a greasy day,
    F#m7       Em6         Bm        E6
And think what money could do for my tummy,

And think what my tummy could do for my mind,
And think what my mind could do for the world,
                        B7 Bm7 F#m7
For the stars and infini........ty.

    E       B       A              E
Has anybody got any money for this strummer?
E                                B
I won't need much in the parasol shade,
      E                 B              A             E     C
But I could have used a million quid a year ago last Summer,
             B      C                  B
To grace the Bahamas, in see-through Pyjamas,
But never mind I'm worth two buns, a sherbet,
      Emaj7     B
And a liquorice root oh rooty-toot-toot.

E7       B       A            B
Nobody's got any money in the Summer,
Oh dear me, and if I was stoned out of my mind in the park,
    B         E      B         A            E 
I'd say, that nobody needs any money in the Summer,
N/C                       E             B  E
Except, of course, for scoring, on a sunny day 
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