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Rickie Lee Jones - Chuck E`s In Love (Tab)
Submitter: aussief (75) on 8/24/13 1 comment
Month Views: 70 | Total Views: 16,655
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  Words and Music by Rickie Lee Jones

(With bars 2 and 6 instead of the slide
 try bending it might be a bit easier)




Cmaj7 Dm7         Cmaj7 Dm7       Cmaj7 Dm7
How come he don't come and P.I.P. with me 
Cmaj7       Dm7      Cmaj7
Down at the meter no more? 
Dm7         Cmaj7       Dm7      Cmaj7
And how come he turn(ed) off the T.V. 
Dm7               Cmaj7       Dm7
And hang(ed) that sign on the door? 
        C    F6           C   F6        Dm7
Well we call and we call "How come?" we say 
                            Cmaj7 Dm7          Cmaj7  Dm7
Hey what could make a boy behave this-a way, yeah? 
Cmaj7   Dm7                 Cmaj7 Dm7                Cmaj7  Dm7
And he learn(ed) all of the lines,    now, and every time
           Cmaj7           Dm7
He don`t s-stutter when he talks 
Cmaj7          Dm7        Cmaj7       Dm7            Cmaj7  Dm7
And it's true! It's true! He sure has acquired this kinda cool and inspired
Cmaj7  Dm7
sorta jazz when he walk(s) 
C       F6                 C        F6
Where's his jacket and his old blue jeans, 
Dm7                                    F/G
If this ain't healthy it is some kinda clean 
          Cmaj7 Dm7            F/G
That means Chuck E's in love 
Cmaj7 Dm7           F/G
Chuck E`s in love
Cmaj7 Dm7           F/G
Chuck E`s in love
Cmaj7 Dm7  C/E
Chuck E`s in 

Fmaj7 (hold)                          Em7 (hold)
I don't believe what you're saying to me 
A7 (hold)                              C
This is something I got to see. Is he here? 
C/Bb          F/A       Fm/Ab  C
I look in the poolhall. Is he here?
C/Bb          F/A       Fm/Ab  C 
I look in the drugstore. Is he here? 
C# (hold)         Dm7      G
No, he don't come here no more 

Cmaj7          Dm7      Cmaj7 Dm7
Well I'll tell you what, I   saw him 
Cmaj7   Dm7              Cmaj7        Dm7
He was sittin' behind us down at the Pantages 
Cmaj7 Dm7         Cmaj7 Dm7            Cmaj7  Dm7
And   whatever is that he's got up his sleeve 
Cmaj7           Dm7
I hope it isn't contagious 

C      F6        C       F6
What's her name? Is that her there? 
C          F6                 C         F6
Oh Christ, I think he's even combed his hair! 
    C   F6        C               F6
And is that her? Well then what's her name? 
C   F6               C      F6
Oh, it's never gonna be the same.
C      F6 
That's not her 
   C          F6
I know what's wrong 
Dm7                                F/G (hold)
'Cause Chuck E's in love with the little girl singing this song 

Don't you know 
Cmaj7 Dm7         F/G    Cmaj7 Dm7          F/G
Chuck E's in love,       Chuck E's in love 
Cmaj7 Dm7         F/G    Cmaj7 Dm7          F/G
Chuck E's in love,       Chuck E's in love ... 
Cmaj7 Dm7            F/G
Chuck E's in love~~~ with me


An F. K. Tab,,,,Enjoy!!!!!
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Nice work.KK.
-kraziekhat | 8/25/2013
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