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Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Chord)
Album: Procol Harum (1967)
Submitter: eric_steinmetz (2) on 9/8/03 3 comments
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A Whiter Shade of Pale -  Keith Reid and Gary Brooker (Procol Harum)
Intro: (all notes in first position)

[C]        [Am]       [F]        [Dm]       [G]        [Em]  [G7]   [C]   [F]    [G]   [F] [G7]

[C]                         [Am]
   We skipped the light fandango    (1st verse)
[F]                                  [Dm]
  And turned cartwheels across the floor
[G]                          [Em]      [G7]
  I was feeling kind of    seasick
[C]                              [Am]   [Em]
  But the crowd called out for more
[F]                       [Dm]
  The room was humming  harder
[G]                          [Em]   [G7]
  As the ceiling flew a-   way
[C]                           [Am]     [Em]
  When we called out for a- nother drink
[F]                                 [Dm]   
  The waiter brought a            tray

[G13]       [C6]  [Cmaj7]      [Am]    [C]
And so it was      that  later
[F]                        [Dm]
  As the miller told his tale
[G]                             [Em]   
  That her face at first just ghostly
[G7]         [C]      [F]          [C]     [G7]  [C] (second time)
  Turned a whiter   shade of pale

(2nd verse)
She said "There is no  reason,  
And the truth is plain to see,"
But I wandered through my playing cards
And would not let her be
One of sixteen vestal virgins
Who were leaving for the coast
And although my eyes were o-pen
They might just as well have been closed

Chorus 2x

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
1/2 of the chord changes are missing. One only has to
listen to the keyboard to pick them out.

The correct changes are:

INTRO/VERSE - C / Em / Am / C7 / F / Fma7 / Dm / Dm7 /

G / G7 / Em / Em7 / C / Em / Am / C7 /

F / Fma7 / Dm / Dm7 / G / G7/ Em / Em7 /

C / Em / Am / C7 / F / Fma7 / Dm / Dm7 /

CHORUS - Gsus / G

C / Em / Am / C7 / F / Fma7 / Dm / Dm7 /

G / G7 / Em / Em7 / C / F / C / G7 /

-marty64 | 12/10/2005
I disagree with your analysys.
However, if you are about to rate some on a "1" on a ten scale,
it is courtesty to contact the pserson and review difference,
not just slam the tab. Hopefully, I can return the favor,
and soon.
-eric_steinmetz | 12/11/2005
Eric I read your tabs and think your tabs are correct.
This is a tough song to tab, Good work.
Thank you for posting them
-wduffy | 12/13/2005
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