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Norah Jones - The Nearness Of You (Chord)
Submitter: texasisalive (4) on 10/5/03
Month Views: 6 | Total Views: 3,722
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Norah Jones

Cmaj9                     Gm7   C9
it's not the pale moon that excites me
Fmaj7add9       G13b9         Em  A7b9
that thrills and delights me  oh no
Dm7          G7b9        Em7  A7b9  Dm7
it's just the nearnes of you
G7add11   G7b9

C  C9               Gm7        C9
it isn't your sweet conversation
Fadd9                 Fdim  Em7  A7b9  Dm7
that brings this sensation  oh no
            G13b9           B/C C6
it's just the nearness of you

                G7b9 G7#9          Cmaj9
when your in my arms and I feel you
           C9  Fmaj7      Em        A7b9
so close to me all my wildest dreams
     Dm7  C/E  F   F#dim  G11  G13b9
came true.

       Cmaj7      C69/E    C11     C9
I need no soft lights to enchant me
Fmaj9         Fdim        Em7     A7  Dm7
if you will on-ly grant me the right
        G7      Em7      A7b9
to hold you ever so tight  and to
              Dm7  C/E  F  F#dim  G11  G13
feel in the night
             B/C    C6  B/C  C6  B/C  C6
the nearness of you

CMAJ9   C9    Fmaj7add9  G13b9
00003X 65003X   3122X   1012X3

A7b9    G7b9  G7add11   C6
32320X 101023 110023  44023X

Fadd9   Fdim   B/C     G7#9
110301 X01321  20X13  100013

F#dim    G11     C69/E     C11
X12402  114003   010000  06303X

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