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Norah Jones - Shoot The Moon (Chord)
Submitter: texasisalive (13) on 8/19/03 1 comment
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Norah Jones
Shoot The Moon


C   G/B  Am  C  F  C  F  G
C           G/B     Am        C
The summer days are gone too soon
 F            C     F         G
You shoot the moon, miss completely
 C             G/B      Am       C
And now you've left to face the gloom,
    F       C         F            G
The empty room, that once smelled sweetly

 Am        Em           F          C
Of all the flowers you plucked if finally
    G      C      G   Am       Em     F
you knew the reason.  Why you had to each 
   C               G     C    G
be lonely.  Was it just the season.

C          G/B       Am   C    F 
Now the fall is here again you can't 
 F               G
begin to give in, it's all over.

C           G/B       Am      C
When the snows come rolling through 
       F        C    F            G
you've rolling too with some new lover.

 Am      Em    F               C
Will you think of times you've told me
         G         C    G  Am    Em
that you knew the reason why we had to 
 F    C      G   C       G       C     G
each be lonely.  Was it just the season
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
If you would add the outro this would be a perfectly
done and complete tab. But what's here is spot on. And
the outro isn't hard to figure out; being the same
chord progression and all. Thanks for posting this.
-debeck | 1/31/2004
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