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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - More News From Nowhere (Chord)
Submitter: twizzle05 (15) on 4/10/08
Month Views: 5 | Total Views: 3,162
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More News From Nowhere
Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!

INTRO: F  Bb  F  Bb

  F                                       Bb
I walk into the corner of my room, see my friends in high places
  F                                                 Bb
I don't know which is which or who is whom, they've stolen each other's faces
F                                             Bb
Janet is there with her high-hattin' hair and full of bedroom feathers
F                                        Bb
Janet is known to make dead men grown in any kind of weather
F                              Bb
I crawl over to her, I say hey baby, I say hey Janet
    F                                 Bb
You are the one, you are the one, and I'm your dutiful planet
    F                                            Bb
But she ain't down with any of that 'cause she's heard that s**t before
      F                                        Bb                          F
And I say uh-huh oh yeah you're right 'cause I see Betty X standin' by the door, with

F              Bb
More news from nowhere
F              Bb
More news from nowhere
Gm               C
And it's gettin' strange in here
Gm           C        Bb    F           
Yeah it gets stranger every year
F              Bb
More news from nowhere
F              Bb        F  Bb  F  Bb
More news from nowhere

Now Betty X is like Betty Y minus that fatal chromosome
Her hair is like the wine dark sea on which sailors come home
I say hey baby I say hey Betty X, I lean up close to her throat
This light you are carrying is like a lamp hangin' from a distant boat
It is my light says Betty X, Betty X says this light ain't yours
And so much wind blew thru her words that i went rollin' down the hall for


I turn another corner, I go down a corridor, and I see this guy
He must about one-hundred foot tall and he only has one eye
He asks me for my autograph, I write nobody, and then
I wrap myself up in my woolly coat and I blind him with my pen
'Cause someone must have stuck somethin' in my drink, everythign was gettin' strange lookin'
Half the people had turned into squealin' pigs the other half were cookin'
Let me out of here, I cried, and I went pushing past
And I saw Miss Polly standin' with some girls, I cried strap me to the mast for


Then a black girl with no clothes on danced across the room
We charted the progress of the planets around that boogie-woogie moon
I called her my nubian princess, gave her some sweet-back badass jive
And I spent the next 7 years between her legs pinin' for my wife
But by and by it all went wrong I felt washed up on the shore
She stared down at me from up in the storm as I sobbed upon the floor for

More news from nowhere
More news from nowhere
And don't it make you feel alone
Don't it make you wanna get right on home
More news from nowhere
More news from nowhere

Here comes alina with two black eyes, she's given herself a transfusion
She's filled herself with panda blood to avoid all the confusion
I said the sun rises and falls with you and various things about love
But a rising violence in my cut all my circuits off
Alina she starts creaming, her cheeks are full of psychotropic leaves
Her extinction was nearly absolute when she turned her back on me for


I bumped bang crash into Deanna hanging pretty in the door frame
All the horrors that have befallen me well Deanna is to blame
Every time I see you babe, you make me feel so all alone
And I wept my face into her dress long after she'd gone home for

More news from nowhere
More news from nowhere
Don't it make you feel alone
Don't it make you wanna get right back home
More news from nowhere
More news from nowhere

Don't it make you feel so sad, don't the blood rush to your feet
To think that everything you do today, tomorrow is obsolete
Technology and women and little children too
Don't it make you feel blue, don't it make you feel blue for


                 F    Bb
Well I gotta say
                 F    B
Yeah I gotta say
    F    Bb
    F    Bb
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