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Nashville Teens - Tobacco Road (Tab)
Submitter: aussief (104) on 1/30/09 1 comment
Month Views: 47 | Total Views: 11,277
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      Words and Music by John D. Loudermilk
   Cm                     Ab7
e|---------------------|--------------------------| C7     Ab7     C7      Ab7
b|----1----------------|--------------------------| >      >       >       >

Cm         Bb     Cm          Bb     Cm
I was born         in a trunk.
           Bb      Cm            Bb    Cm 
Mama died and my daddy got drunk.
              Bb     Cm        Bb    Cm
Left me here to      die alone 
Cm                                 Bb
In the middle of Tobacco Ro~~~~~~~~ad. 

Cm          Bb    Cm            Bb    Cm
Grew up in          rusty shack, 
           Bb    Cm              Bb   Cm
All I had was hangin' on my back. 
             Bb    Cm             Bb   Cm
Only you know        how I loathe 
This place called Tobacco Ro~~~~~~~~~~ad. 
          F7                          C7
But it's home, the only life I ever known. 
                     F7  Bb  F7  Bb  F7  Bb  F7  Bb  F7      
Only you know how I lo~~~a~~~~~the 
         Cm      Bb   Cm    Bb    Cm    Bb    Cm
Tobacco Road. 

Gonna leave, get a job 
With the help and the grace from above. 
Save some money, get rich and old, 
Bring it back to Tobacco Road. 

But it's home, the only life I ever known. 
Only you know how I loathe Tobacco Road. 

Bring that dynamite and a crane, 
Blow it up, start all over again. 
Build a town, be proud to show. 
Gives the name Tobacco Road 

An F. K. Tab,,,,Enjoy!!!!! 
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Great song Nice job. KK.
-kraziekhat | 2/22/2012
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