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Marshall Chapman - Rainbow Road (Chord)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (10) on 7/16/18
Month Views: 8 | Total Views: 1,038
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Rainbow Road.
Marshall Chapman.
Album: Curtis Road Mix.

Intro: E
E           C#m       
I was born, poor poor man,
   Abm            Abm7         E7
All my life I had hard working hands,
A                       Am
But I sang my song as I carried my load,
      E                   A                C#m B            E
Cause I had a dream about rainbow, rainbow, mmm, mm, mmm,

E               C#m
Then one day my chance came along,
  Abm          Abm7        E7
A man heard me singing and playing these old songs,
   A                       Am
He bought me fine clothes, paid the money I owed,
     E               A                C#m B
Sent me on my way to rainbow, rainbow

C#m               B               
Then one night, a man with a knife,
A                        E        A
Pushed me until I had to take his life,
A                     Am
Though I plead, oh so desperately, 
    E                              A        Am         C#m B7
The judge showed no mercy, when he past his sentence on m..e.

E              C#m
Now I got this ball and chain,
Abm                      E7           
Wearing a number, for my name,
A                       Am           
I'd dreams like me, and all grown old,
E                             A        Am      E
But we still dream about your rainbow, rainbow road.

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