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Linda Ronstadt - Keep Me From Blowing Awat (Chord)
Album: Linda Ronstadt/Heart Like a Wheel (2010)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (10) on 1/23/18 1 comment
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Keep Me From Blowing Away. (Paul Craft)
Linda Ronstadt.
Album: Heart Like A Wheel.

Intro: G Bm Em G Cmaj7 Em Am D D/E

     G              Bm            
I've spent my whole lifetime, 
     Em              D6 G/D
In a world where the sunshine,
      C           Em           Am   Cmaj7
Found excuses for not hanging 'round,
     D          D7              
I've squandered emotions,
       Bm7          D/A
On the slightest of notions,
        D          Am     D/F# G    Em
And the first easy loving I've found,
    G            Bm        
But soon all the good times, 
    Em            G/D
The gay times and play times,
     C          Em           Am  Cmaj7
Like colors run together and fade,
   D7          D/C      
Oh Lord if you hear me, 
Touch me and hold me, 
    D7           Bm7     G
And keep me from blowing away.

Break: Bm Em Bm Em7 G/D Dm6 C Em 
Am C Am C6 D C Bm7 D D/E Gmaj7 E
 	  	 A               C#m
There's times when I've trembled,
       F#m7   Em        A/E
And my mind's remembered,
    D              F#m      Bm  C#m D6
The days that just crumbled away,
     E          G/D
With nothing to show,
          C#m7         E/B
But these lines that I know,
    E                 A6    A   E6 Ab
Are beginning to show in my face,
   A              C#m
So Lord if you're listening, 
         F#m    Em6
You know I'm no Christian,
      D              F#m       Bm D
And I ain't got much coming to me,
   Em7  E7
So send down some sunshine, 
      E6     E/B
Throw you're lifeline,
    E            C#m     A   C#m
And keep me from blowing away,
   E           D6       C#m          Bm
Oh Lord if you hear me, touch me and hold me,
    E6   E       C#m     Dmaj7 Bm7 A
And keep me from blowing away.
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Sorry, damn fingers, should be 'Keep Me From Blowing Away'
-cotswoldkid | 1/23/2018
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