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Lesley Duncan - Times (Chord)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (10) on 3/16/18
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Lesley Duncan.
Album: Earth Mother.
Capo 3.

Lesley Duncan started her music career in 
the early Sixties, wrote many great songs.
She suffered from stage fright, her career
ended in the early eighties. She married &
moved to Scotland, unfortunately died 2010.
Backing vocalist on many well known U.K.
albums, a very underrated artist.
This is the bones of the song for guitar.

G C G C G C G C Cadd9/E C/D

G                 C   Cadd9/E C/D  G    C Cadd9/E C/D
Oh at times in my li..fe.....I get weary, 
       G                C Cadd9/E C/D       D C Cadd9/E C/D 
And it seems thereís no place left to,
        G          C   C Cadd9/E C/D G       C Cadd9/E C/D G
And Iím lost in my longing, for a sense of belonging,
             C               D
Or something just to hold on to,
        C Cadd9/E C/D     G      C C/D G
And Iím wondering what to do now.

   G          C  Cadd9/E C/D  G  C C/D G     
Oh I worry if you get to near me, 
G                 C   G D             C G
And I miss you so much, when you g..o,
G           C    Cadd9/E G    D G
Sometimes I donít show through, 
         C    G D  
Remember when I do,
G               C  G       D7   Am7 G/D C
Those times are so hard to find, 
        C           Cadd9/E 
But Iím keeping you here
C/D   G       C Cadd9/E C/D G
On my mind love 
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