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Kid Rock - Midnight Train To Memphis (chord Riff Added) (Chord)
Submitter: JDs_SuperRoadie (1) on 6/30/04 1 comment
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Midnight Train To Memphis by Kid Rock
Tune down 1/2 step, EbAbDbGbBbeb

A riff is played in the D and A chords (G is just played with the timing)
during the verse and refrain, this is the riff with the timing above,
 you'll get it when you play it with the track:

(1    2    &           3    &            4    )
 D    D    D(sus4)     D    D(add9)      D

(1    2    &           3    &            4    )
 D    D    D(sus4)     D    D(add9)      D

(1    2    &           3    &            4    )
 A    A    A(sus4)     A    A(add9)      A

(1    2    &           3    &            4    )
 G    G    G           G    G            G

(1    2    &           3    &            4    )
 D    D    D(sus4)     D    D(add9)      D

Verse 1:

(D riff) I was hiding from the sun once again, 
(D riff) I was running from the time my friend, 
I've (A riff) lost another war.  
So, I (G) poured one more, 
and went home drunk (D  riff) again.

(D riff) She was up when the key hit the lock, 
(D riff) and the clock looked at me just like
the (A riff) devil in disguise. 
I saw it (G) in her eyes- 
she'd be gone before the (D riff)evenin'.

(G) So, I poured another strong one 
and chopped a line from here to (D) Texas.
(G) Cause I've lost another good one - 
she's on the midnight train to (D riff) Memphis.

Verse 2:
(D riff) With a brand new start, 
(D riff) I swore I'd love from the heart,
I meant to (A riff) change my ways.
But I've seen (G) better days, 
than the one's that's here this (D riff) mornin'.

(D riff) With a wife and kids at home
(D riff) with a job some where 
on some (A riff) assembly line. 
I wish (G) I had that life-
I bet you wish you had (D riff) mine.

(G) So, let's pour another tall one 
and chop a line from here to (D) Texas.
(G) Cause I've lost another good one-
she's on the midnight train to (D riff) Memphis

(Spoken part - rap part - solo - omitted for space purposes)
(Last verse - guitar with moderate distortion)

Verse 3:
(D riff) With an old suitcase, 
(D riff) I swear I'll leave this place 
I'll get you (A riff) back in time
Can't drink you (G) off my mind. 
So, I'll see you when I'm (D riff) sober.

(G) I been looking for some reasons, 
but I ain't found one down in (D) Texas
I been (G) changing with the seasons, 
Walkin’ a new line back to (C) (A#) (G) Memphis.

I'm not entirely happy with that ending at all. Try and figure it out yourself if you can.

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thats ok better than what i could do
-jacob_6_30_1984 | 6/13/2005
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