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John Hiatt - Real Fine Love (Chord)
Album: Stolen Monents (1990)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (10) on 12/28/17 1 comment
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Real Fine Love.
John Hiatt.
Album: Stolen Moments.

Originally played in Drop D this for Standard.

Intro: (Lead Based Around) Dsus2 D5 D G/D Gsua2

Intro: (Rhythm) D A6 Bm7/E G Em7 D

D                                     A6               Bm7
Well I never went to college, babe, I did not have the luck,
      G                     Em7 	   D
Stole out of Indiana in the back of a pickup truck.
D                                 A6            Bm7
With no education higher than the streets of my hometown,
       G                          Em7    D
I went looking for a fire just to burn it all down.

D                          A7sus4/E G                       
You've got a real fine love, 
G                          Em7 G
You've got a real fine love,
D                   A7sus4/E G                  
One I am unworthy of,                
G                                Em7 G
You've got a real fine love, baby.

D                                         A6                Bm7
I thought I had a line on something maybe no one else could say,
G                                                 Em7       D
They couldn't find it in their hearts to just get out of my way.
D                                              A6      Bm7
Then out of nowhere, and from nothing you came into my life,
G                                             Em7                D
I'd seen an angel or two before but I'd never asked one to be my wife.


(Break) A Bm7 G A6 D A7 Bm7 Gmaj7 E6 D

D                                        A6                 Bm7
Well you can sprinkle all your teardrops across the evening sky,
G                                  Em7               D
But you cannot hide the twinkle of starlight in your eye.
D                                                A6            Bm7
Well I left my map way back there, baby, I don't know where we are,
G                                          Em7           D
But I'm gonna pull my pony up and hitch my wagon to your star,


D                                            Dmaj7             Bm7
Well now the babies are all sleeping and the twilight's giving in,
    G/B                                    A7               D
She looks like you, he looks like her, and we all look like him.
D                                         A6         Bm7
Well maybe it's just the little thing the way I feel tonight,
G                                   Em           D
A little joy, a little peace, and a whole lot of light.

(Chorsu) x 2

D Bm7 Gmaj7 A6 D Bm7 G F#m7 D Bm7 G F#m7 D Bm7 G F#m7 D Bm7 G6 D 
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Good one!!!!!
-aussief | 12/29/2017
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