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John Hiatt - Hold On For Your Love (Chord)
Album: Dirty Jeans And Mudslide Hymns (2011)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (10) on 1/13/18
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Hold On For Your Love.
John Hiatt.
Album: Dirty Jeans & Mudslide Hymns.

Intro: Em G C Am C D/E Em G Am C6 D 

Em              G          C            Am                                    
Streets are all empty, the network's de-veined, 
          C              D       Em
Buildings walled up, electricity drained,
             G                 Am         C   Am                    
Shots in the square where they mowed them all down, 
           C            D/A       Em
River runs red from the centre of town,
                G         C              Am
I worked for my daddy, he worked for his pa,
                        C             D              Em Em7
Till they came from the city and they took what they saw,
   Em          G           C              Am
We rented back land and we worked what we could,
                            C                   D         Em7
But they built it, and they stripped it 'til it wasn't no good.

      G             B7            Em       G6   C            G
And I know I, Yes I know I, Gotta hold on, hold on, for your love.

(Break) D E G6 C6 G6 A Am A C6 G6 D/E 

Em         G6            C           A   Am        
Out in the woods, my old truck is on fire, 
            C                D        Em7
Burning the last drops of my enormous desire,
           G                  C        Am               
Men eating men and there's no time for crying, 
                 C             D           Em7
I'm tired of the blood and I'm sick of the dying.

      G             B7            Em7           C           G
And I know I, Yes I know I, Gotta hold on, hold on for your love.

(Break) D Em G Cmaj7 Am Cmaj7 D Em G C6 Am C6 G/D Em

              G         C           Am 
Burn down the cabin and put out the stars, 
            C                D          Em7
Tear up the fields and leave everything scarred,
               G            C               A    Am
I've been here before but I don't know this place, 
                    C         D              Em  Em7
I've been here with you but I can't see your face.

      G             B7            Em            C           G   D
And I know I, Yes I know I, Gotta hold on, hold on for your love,
        Em7           C           G
I gotta hold on, hold on for your love. 

D G6 C Am G  C D Em G C Am C G D Em
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