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John Hiatt - Adios To California (Chord)
Album: Dirty Jeans And Mudslide Hymns (2011)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (10) on 8/10/17
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Adios to California.
John Hiatt.
Album: Dirty Jeans & Mudslide Hymns.
Capo 2

Intro: Am-C-Fmaj7-Dm-Fmaj7-G-Am 

Am                C                Fmaj7         Dm 
Smokey room and a thin blue light, her arms were pale as white,
Dm        Fmaj7              G              Am
Trying to outlast the night, howling at the moon.
Am            C           Fmaj7                Dm 
Living in the Canyon Inn, hang down Hannah and Whiskey Jim,
Dm              Fmaj7           G                 Am
Dirty jeans and mudslide hymns, it all began with soon.  

Chorus - Break
F                 G    C   G                      Am 
So, adios to Cali-forn-ia, nothing to do but turn around
F                                G      C        Am       G                Fmaj7 
I always thought there's someone coming for you, only way you'd leave this town. 

Am          C         Fmaj7                Dm 
Pasadena in the rain, eating doughnuts and reading Twain,
Dm              Fmaj7        G             Am
How much longer can my brain set itself on fire?
Am              C          Fmaj7                   Dm 
You said that's it for me, have a little faith, it might set you free,
Dm               Fmaj7             G             Am
But your faith's no good, you see, for me and my desire. 

Chorus - Break

Am                  C                       
Two cigarettes from the package gone, 
Fmaj7                 Dm 
You must have thought about it just that long,
Dm               Fmaj7           G               Am
I never knew you were so strong, I guess I never will.

(Repeat last line - Chorus - Break - Outro)

Tip; Listen to the song, riff is easily done G to Am Chord.

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