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John Cougar Mellencamp - Theo And Weird Henry (Chord)
Album: Big Daddy (1989)
Submitter: twizzle05 (92) on 5/22/05
Month Views: 18 | Total Views: 6,265
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Theo and Weird Henry
written by J. Mellencamp
from the album "Big Daddy"
tabbed 5/22/05

INTRO:  D  Dsus4  C  C/G  (4x)

D               Cadd9                D       Cadd9
Henry worked at Sears or somewhere, Theo did too
D                          Cadd9         D                Cadd9
They both got themselves a van together, nineteen-seventy-two, or four
D            Cadd9             D                    Cadd9
Rode around all night long, playin' music very very loud
D         Cadd9          D                 Cadd9
Big noise all the time, little legends in a little town

C           G                   D
Moments in time, they shared together
C           G                D
Moments in time, between two friends
C                   G                      D
Standin' on street corners, with shirs unbottoned
            C                                    G             D         
That was a moment in time they swore they were friends, to the end

Couple of wild wild boys, they told me they could hear the grass grow
Theo used say "Hey Henry man I'm screwin' this cat, you're just holdin' it"
I never knew what they was talkin' bout but they laughed like they both thought it was funny
Theo & Weird went chasin' after somethin, with neither one of 'em believin' in nothin'


Moments in time they shared together
Called themselves the He-man woman lover's club"
Throwin' pop bottles against the wall just to get some attention
Yeah there's a moment in time they swore they were friend to the end


Theo's out there livin' it up, doin' a little earth-shakin', somewhere
Henry sent a postcard from a better place
But I can see 'em both sittin' there laughin', breathin'
And I can still see that smile on Weird Henry's face


Moments in time they shared together
Moments in time between two friends
Dancin' on that old van with their shirts wide open
That was a moment in time they swore they were blood brothers until the end


D 	 xx0232
Dsus4 	 xx0230
C 	 x32010
C/G 	 3x2010
Cadd9 	 x32033
G 	 320003 
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