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John Cougar Mellencamp - Martha Say (Chord)
Album: Big Daddy (1989)
Submitter: twizzle05 (92) on 3/20/05
Month Views: 26 | Total Views: 6,511
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Martha Say--John Mellencamp
written by J. Mellencamp
From the album "Big Daddy"

INTRO:  Em G D A (2x)

Em                                     D             A
Martha say she don't need no stinkin' man makin no decisions for her
She don't need his money, she don't need him between the sheets
                 D 	  	  	  	  A
She ain't gonna sleep on the edge of the bed for no stinkin' man
 	  	 Em                            G
Well that's the way that she lives, 'cause I saw her last night
         D                   A
Pourin' water on a drownin' man in the moonlight

Em 	         D
Hi-di-hi-di-hi brother
G 	  	       D
Hi-di-hi-di-hey now Martha
Em 	  	 D
Hi-di-hi-di-hi sister
G                    D
Say what, yeah you, look out Martha!

Martha say she don't need no revolver to shoot some idiot down
She can do it with her eyes and she can do it with her smile
She can do it with a conversation walkin' down the hall
Man now ain't that the truth, 'cause I saw her a bite
Out of some macho dude layin' some cornball line on her last night, sayin



Hi-di-hi-di-hi brother (hi-di-hi-di-hi brother)
Hi-di-hi-di-ho sister (hi-di-hi-di-hi yeah)
Hi-di-hi-di-hi-hi (hi-di-hi-di-ho, yeah)
Hi-di-hi-di-hi Martha, say what, look out, shake it up, Martha!

Martha say she ain't changin' no nothin for nobody for no damn good reason
That's the way that she wants it, that's the way that she gets it
Well the girl loves playin' hardball it leaves me
In a no win situation sayin


Martha say she don't need no stinkin' man makin' no decisions for her
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