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John Cougar Mellencamp - Human Wheels (Chord)
Album: Human Wheels (1993)
Submitter: twizzle05 (18) on 3/8/05
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Human Wheels--John Mellencamp
written by J. Mellencamp/G. Green
From the album "Human Wheels"
Capo II

Em        D            C              Em
This land today, shall draw its last breath
           D       C       Em
And take into its ancient depths
D                           G      G/F#    Em
This frail reminder of its giant dreaming self
D                            Em
While I, with human-hindered eyes
D              G         G/F#      Em
Unequal to the sweeping curve of life
D                             Em
Stand on this single print of time

G     D             G    G/F# Em
Human wheels, spin round and round
D          D/A            Em
While the clock keeps the pace
G      D          G     G/F# Em
Human wheels spin round and  round
D        D/A          Em
Help the light to my face

That time, today, no triumph gains
At this short success of age
This pale reflection of its brave and blundering deed
For I descent from this vault
Now dreams beyond my earthly fault
Knowledge sure from the seed



Em/         D/      C/          Em/
This land today, my tears shall taste
Em/       D       C/    Em/
And take into its dark embrace
D                      G     G/F#  Em   
This love, who in my beating heart endures
D                          Em
Assured, by every sun that burns
D                      G     G/F#   Em
The dust to which this flesh shall return
D                   G      G/F#    D
It is the ancient dreaming dust of God



Em 	 022000
D 	 xx0232
C 	 x32010
G 	 320033
G/F# 	 220033
D/A 	 x00232

Chords marked with / (Em/ D/ etc) mean strum once and let ring 
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