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John Cougar Mellencamp - Diamond Joe (Chord)
Submitter: twizzle05 (37) on 3/6/05
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Diamond Joe--John Mellencamp
traditional, with new lyrics by J. Mellencamp
From the album "Trouble No More"
Lord knows, I'm not an expert at this, so corrections are welcome.

        G          Cadd9
Diamond Joe, come get me
         G        Cadd9
Diamond Joe, come get me
        G              D
Diamond Joe, where you found me
Diamond Joe

INTRO:  G  Cadd9   G   Cadd9  D  G  (2x)

G                   Cadd9    G                    Cadd9
Well I got up this mornin, before the rise of the sun
   G                   Cadd9         D    C   Cadd9 G
I thought I heard him call my name, but I saw no    one
G                 Cadd9           G               Cadd9
Some are in those buildings, and some out on the farm
G                        Cadd9        D      C-Cadd9 G
Some have gone to the graveyard and some are headin  home

         G   Cadd9        G
Diamond Joe, come and get me 
         G   Cadd9        G
Diamond Joe, come and get me
        Cadd9 D        C            G
Diamond Joe, come and get me, Diamond Joe

The minutes feel like hours, the hours feel like days
And sometimes the darkness stays at home and sometimes you run away
If I don't go crazy, I'm bound to lose my mind
I can't feel nothin' breakin boys, nothin but a long sideline



Well I don't come from the city, I ain't gonna work on this farm
Seems like every place I go wants to do me some harm
So go and tell aunt Betty and my Uncle Jones
Everytime that you see me cryin' that's my prayin' for home



G 	 320033 (I think this is actually Gsus, but this is the chord to use)
Cadd9 	 x32033
D 	 xx0323
C 	 x32010 
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