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John Cougar Mellencamp - Cherry Bomb (Chord)
Album: The Lonesome Jubilee (1987)
Submitter: twizzle05 (7) on 2/28/05
Month Views: 4 | Total Views: 10,398
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Cherry Bomb--John Mellencamp
written by J. Mellencamp

INTRO: G  Am  G  Am  G  Am  G  Am

G                   Am           Am7
Well I lived on the outskirts of town
G             Am       Am7
In an 8 room farmhouse baby
G                    Am            Am7
When my brothers and friends were around
G                Am       Am7
There was always somethin doin
Em7               Bm         Bm7
Had a couple of real nice girlfriends
Am                         C
Stopped by to see me every once in a while
Em7                Bm         Bm7
When I think back about those days 
Am              C
All I cn do is sit and smile

G              Am         Am7
That's when a sport was a sport
G               Am        Am7
And groovin was groovin
G                 Am
And dancin' meant everythin
G                 Am       Am7
We were young and we were improvin'
G                  Am         Am7
Laughin' laughin' with our friends
G                   Am       Am7
Holdin' hands meant somethin baby
G                 Am
Outside the club Cherry Bomb
G               Am     Am7
Our hearts were really thumpin'
             G            Am-Am7-Am
Say yeah yeah yeah
              G           Am
Say yeah yeah yeah

The winter days they last forever
But the weekends went by so quick
Went ridin' around this little country town
We were goin nuts, girl, out in the sticks
One night me with my big mouth
A couple guys had to put me in my place
When I see those guys these days
We just laugh and say do you remember when



Say yeah yeah yeah
Say yeah yeah yeah

Now 17 has turned 35
I'm surprised that we're still livin'
If we've done any wrong
I hope that we're forgiven
Got a few kids of my own
And some days I still don't know what to do
I hope that they're not laughin' too loud
When they hear me talkin like this to you



G 	 320003 or 320033 (Gsus, I believe)
Am 	 x02210
Am7 	 x02010
Em7 	 022030 or 020030
Bm 	 x24432
Bm7 	 x24232
C 	 x32010

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