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Joan Baez - Prison Trilogy (billy Rose) (Chord)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (10) on 1/13/18
Month Views: 2 | Total Views: 751
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Prison Trilogy (Billy Rose)
Joan Baez.
Album: Diamonds.
Capo 1.

G                           Bm
Billy Rose was a low rider, Billy Rose was a night fighter, 
Am7                              Bm               D
Billy Rose knew trouble like the sound of his own name, 
Am                          C
Busted on a drunken charge, Driving someone else's car, 
                   Cm                 G
The local midnight sheriff's claim to fame. 

G                   Bm
In an Arizona jail, there are some who tell the tale how,
Am               Cm7               Bm7          D
Billy fought the sergeant for some milk that he demanded, 
Am                              C
Knowing they'd remain the boss, Knowing he would pay the cost, 
                Cm6      G
They saw he was severely reprimanded. 

       Em               Bm            Em                Bm
In the blackest cell on "A" Block, He hanged himself at dawn, 
       Em                Bm               
With a note stuck to the bunk head, 
      Em7                        Dmaj7
Don't mess with me, just take me home, 
         Em           D         G
Come and lay, help us lay young Billy down. 

G                       Bm
Luna was a Mexican, the law calls him alien,
    Am                C              Bm         D
For coming across the border, with a baby and a wife, 
Though the clothes upon his back were wet, 
Still he thought that he could get, 
     Cm                          G
Some money and things to start a life.

G                                            Bm
It hadn't been too very long, when it seemed like everything went wrong, 
Am7                               Bm                D
They didn't even have the time to find themselves a home, 
     Am                           C
This foreigner a brown-skin male, Thrown into a Texas jail, 
   Cm                           Gmaj7              
It left the wife and baby quite alone. 

Em                Bm                 Em            Bm
He eased the pain inside him, with a needle in his arm 
        Em             Bm               Am                     D
But the dope just crucified him, And he died to no one's great alarm, 
         Em           D              G
Come and lay, help us lay, poor Luna down, 
          Em             D               G
And we'll raze, raze the prisons, to the ground 

G                            Bm                      G              Am
Kilowatt was an aging con of sixty five, who stood a chance to stay alive, 
    C                   Bm               D
And leave the joint and walk the streets again,
       Am                                 C
As the time he was to leave drew near, He suffered all the joy and fear, 
   Cm             Cm6               G
Of leaving thirty five years in the pen. 

G                                     Bm
And on the day of his release, he was approached by the police,
    Am              C              Bm            D
Who took him to the warden walking slowly by his side, 
    Am                                  C
The warden said "You won't remain here, But it seems a state retainer 
       Cm                        G
Claims another ten years of your life." 

           Em               Bm            Em             Bm
He stepped out in the Texas sunlight, The cops all stood around, 
    Em           Bm                Am                        D
Old Kilowatt ran fifty yards, Then threw himself down on the ground. 
     Bm       Em             D                  G
They might as well just have laid, that old man down 
                Em             D               G
And we're gonna raze, raze the prisons, to the ground 
         Em            D               Gmaj7 G
Help us raze, raze the prisons, to the ground.

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