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Joan Baez - Carrickfergus (Chord)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (10) on 11/12/18
Month Views: 4 | Total Views: 533
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Joan Baez.
Album: Speaking Of Dreams
Capo 1.

Gm             C             Dm
I wished I had you in Carrickfergus,
         Gm     C       F
Only for nights in Ballygrand,
             Gm   C           Dm
I would swim over the deepest ocean,
            Gm    C             F
The deepest ocean to be by your side.

                                     C    Fm
But the sea is wide and I can't swim over,
    F                       C
And neither have I wings to fly,
               Gm   C    C7    Dm
I wish I could find me a handy boatman
            Gm   C              F
To ferry me over to my love and die.

                Gm      C6               Dm
These childhood places, bring back sad reflections,
         Gm    C             F
Of happy days, spent so long ago,
       Dm   Gm       C      C7    Dm
My girlhood friends, and my own relations,
               Gm   C                F
Have all passed on, like the melting snow.

So I'll spend my days in endless roving,
            F                   C
Soft is the grass and my bed is free,
         Gm   C              Dm
Oh to be home now, in Carrickfergus,
                 Gm7   C            F
On the long road down, to the salty sea.

Break: F C F C F Gm C C7 Dm Gm C F

          Gm    C7       Dm
And in Kilkenny, it is reported,
          Gm7    C           F
On marble stone, as black as ink,
    Fmaj7     Gm    C7       Dm
With gold and silver, he did support me,
                      Gm   C           F
But I'll sing no more now, till have a drink.

                        A#maj7 C
I'm drunk today and I'm rarely sober,
     F                 C
As I roam from town to town,
            Gm     C6        C7       Dm
Oh but I am sick now, and my days are numbered,
            Gm    Dm     C          Dm
Come all ye young man's, and lay me down,
            Gm    C                 F
Come all ye young man's, and lay me down,

Fade: C F C F Gm C C7 Dm Gm C F 
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