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Jimmy Buffett - Sail On Sailor (Chord)
Album: Meet Me in Margaritaville (2003)
Submitter: WildCard76 (54) on 6/27/03
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Jimmy Buffett
CD: Meet Me In Margaritaville
2003, MCA/UTV Records
Submitted by: Christopher R.

Capo III Fret

(G) I sailed an ocean (C/G), (G) unsettled (C/G) ocean
(G) Through restful (C/G) waters (G) and deep commotion
(Ebmaj7) Often (Am7/D) frightened, (Ebmaj7) unen(Am7/D)lightened
(Ebmaj7) Sail on, (F) sail on (G) sailor
(G) I wrest the wat(C/G)ers, (G) fight Neptune's (C/G) waters
(G) Sail through the sorro(C/G)ws (G) of life's mara(C/G)uders
(Ebmaj7) Unre(Am7/D)penting, (Ebmaj7) often (Am/D) empty
(Ebmaj7) Sail on, (F) sail on (G) sailor

(D) Caught like a (Ebdim) sewer rat a(Em)lone but I sail
(D) Bought like a (Ebdim) crust of bread, (Em) oh do I wail
Seldom (Am7) stum(Em)ble, never (Am7) crum(Em)ble   
Try to (Am7) tum(Em)ble, life's a (Am7) rum(Em)ble        
Feel the (G) sting(Am7)ing I've been (G) giv(Am7)en      
Never (G) end(Am7)ing, unrel(G)en(C)ting          
Heartbreak (Am7) sear(Em)ing, always (Am7) fear(Em)ing    
Never (Am7) car(Em)ing, perse(Am7)ver(Em)ing

(Ebmaj7) Sail on, (F) sail on, (G) sailor

(G) I work the sea(C/G)ways, (G) the gale-swept (C/G) seaways
(G) Past shipwrecked (C/G) daughters (G) of wicked (C/G) waters
(Ebmaj7) Unins(Am/D)pired, (Ebmaj7) drenched and (Am/D) tired
(Ebmaj7) Wail on, (F) wail on, (G) sailor

Always (Am7) need(Em)ing, even (Am7) bleed(Em)ing
Never (Am7) feed(Em)ing all my (Am7) feel(Em)ings
Damn the (G) thun(Am7)der, must I (G) blun(Am7)der
There's no (Am7) won(Em)der all I'm (Am7) un(Em)der
Stop the (Am7) cry(Em)ing and the (Am7) ly(Em)ing
And the (Am7) sigh(Em)ing and my (Am7) dy(Em)ing

(Ebmaj7) Sail on, (F) sail on, (G) sailor
(Ebmaj7) Sail on, (F) sail on, (G) sailor
(Ebmaj7) Sail on, (F) sail on, (G) sailor
(Ebmaj7) Sail on, (F) sail on, (G) sailor


G        320003
Am7      x02010
Am/D     x00210
F        xx3211
Em       022000
C/G      332010
D        xx0232
Ebdim    xx1212 
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