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Jimmy Buffett - Pacing The Cage (Chord)
Album: Beach House on the Moon (1999)
Submitter: WildCard76 (36) on 6/5/03 2 comments
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Jimmy Buffett
From the CD: Beach House On The Moon
1999, Maiboat Records
Submitted by: Christopher R.

Capo III Fret


(C) Sunset (G/B) is an angel (Am) weeping 
(C) Holding (G/B) out a bloody (Am) sword 
(C) No matter (G/B) how I squint I (Am) cannot 
(C) Make out (G/B) what it's pointing (Am) toward 
(F) Sometimes you feel like you've (G) lived too long 
The (Am) days drip slowly on the page 
(F) And you catch yourself (G) 
Pacing the (F) cage 

(C) I've proved who (G/B) I am so many (Am) times 
(C) The mag(G/B)netic strip's worn (Am) thin 
(C) And each (G/B) time I was someone (Am) else 
(C) And every(G/B)one was taken (Am) in 
(F) Powers chatter in high (G) places 
Stir up (Am) eddies in the dust of rage 
(F)  (G) Set me to pacing the (F) cage 

(C) I never (G/B) knew what you all (Am) wanted 
(C) So I (G/B) gave you every(Am)thing 
(C) All that (G/B) I could (Am) pillage 
(C) All the (G/B) spells that I could (Am) sing 
(F) It's as if the thing were (G) written 
In the (Am) constitution of the age 
(F) Sooner or later (G) you'll wind up 
Pacing the (F) cage 


(C) Sometimes the (G/B) best map will not (Am) guide you 
(C) You can't (G/B) see what's round the (Am) bend 
(C) Sometimes the (G/B) road leads through dark (Am) places 
(C) Sometimes the (G/B) darkness is your (Am) friend 
(F) Today these eyes scan (G) bleached-out land 
For the (Am) coming of the outbound stage
(F) (G)  
Pacing the (F) cage 

Fade out
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Good Tab. Try the Am as a F2 with the root in A.
Thats how Mac MacAnally plays it in concert.

F2/A (x03011)
-Rondo Fondu | 1/14/2004
Actually in Australian Idol both the finalists (Guy Sabstian & Shannon Noll)
sung Angels Brought Me Here in the show!
Also, in Shannon Noll's first album, he recorded Angels Brought Me Here.
Shannon Noll sings it with a Capo on the first fret, whereas Guy Sabastian
sings it without!

-gregmc | 5/14/2004
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