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Jimmy Buffett - Lawyers, Guns And Money (Chord)
Album: The Millenium Concert (DVD) (1999)
Submitter: WildCard76 (54) on 12/12/02 6 comments
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Jimmy Buffett or Hank Jr.

I (D) went home (A) with a (E) waitress  
The (D) way I (A) always (D) do (E) 
(D) How was (A) I to (E) know 
She was (D) with the Russians (A) too?

Asus4    A
Asus4    A
Asus4    A   E
I was (D) gambling (A) in Hav(E)annah
I (D) took a (A) little (E) risk (E)
Send (D) lawyers, (A) guns, and (E) money
Dad, (D) get me out of (A) this

(D) I'm the (E) innocent by(A)stander
(D) And some(E)how I got (A) stuck     
(D)Be(E)tween a rock and a (A) hard place
And I'm (Asus4) down on my (A) luck

Now I'm (D) hiding (A) in Hon(D)duras
I'm a (D) des(A)perate (D) man (E)
Send (D) lawyers, (A) guns and (E) money
The (D) s**t has hit the (A) fan

Asus4    A
Asus4    A
Asus4    A   E 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
great tab... for what its worth widespread panic also did it :-)
-cowboy87 | 6/6/2003
hmmmm - I always thougtht this was origionaly a Warren Zevon tune . . .
-ciberratt | 7/29/2003
This IS a Warren Zevon tune...not Jimmy Buffett
-gbosley | 1/13/2005
I am fully aware that Warren
Zevon recorded this first. Jimmy
recorded it, as well.
-WildCard76 | 1/13/2005
Yes, but Zevon wrote it.

-Nauticalmind | 3/27/2005
Yes, this is a Warren (written and first recorded) song. I saw Warren do it live with
a capo on 3 and c - g, c - g, c - g - d (instead of d - a - e).
sounded pretty cool and is easier on acoustic to throw in some hammers and pulloffs, etc...
-esalawton | 1/9/2006
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