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Jimmy Buffett - Floridays (Chord)
Album: Floridays (1986)
Submitter: WildCard76 (17) on 6/6/03 1 comment
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Jimmy Buffett
From the CD: Floridays
MCA Records


I (G) come from where the (Am7) rivers meet the (D) sea
That's (G) part of why I'm so (Am7) wild and fancy (D) free
I was early in the (Am) crazy ways (C)
My folks said it's just a phase (D)
They were hopin' for (G) better days (C) (G) (C)

Now (G) in my line of work, I seem to (Am7) see a lot more than (D) most
(G) Write 'em down, pass 'em around, it's the (Am7) gospel from the (D) coast
Reflections, not (Am) just replays (C)
Takin' time to escape the maze (D)
Lookin' for (G) better days (C) (G) (C)

(G) I spent a year of my life one night on the (Am7) beaches of old Be(D)ruit 
(G) Seems that all they're aimin' for there is to (Am7) hang around and (D) shoot 
Each other's (Am) lives away (C)
Bloody winds on a distant bay (D)
They're looking for a (G) better day
(Am) Lookin' to the (C) left
(Am) Lookin' to the (C) right 	   
(Am) Lookin' to the stars to shed some (C) light
(Am7) Hopin' for a (C) breath
(Am7) Hopin' for a (C) break
(Am7) Hopin' for the (C) give without the (D) take

(G) The dreamers line the state road just to (Am7) watch the runway (D) show
(G) Slouched behind their steering wheels they just (Am7) watch the big jets (D) go
Streakin' through the (Am) mornin' haze (C)
Focal point of a distant gaze (D)
Looking for (G) better days


(G) Pale invaders and tan crusaders (Am7) worshipping the (D) sun
(G) On the corner of -Walk- and -Don't Walk- some(Am7)where on U.S. (D) 1
I'm back to live in (Am) Floridays (C)
Blue skies and ultravioley rays (D)
Lookin' for a (G) better day

I'm back to live in (Am) Floridays (C)
Blue skies and ultraviolet rays (D)
Lookin for a (G) better day

Ad lib, and fade out 
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Exactly how do you hammer-on from the 4 to the 4?
-Beau2137 | 5/15/2004
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