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Jimmy Buffett - African Friend (Chord)
Album: Son of a Son of a Sailor (1978)
Submitter: WildCard76 (54) on 8/3/03
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Jimmy Buffett
CD: Son Of A Son Of A Sailor
1978 MCA Records
Submitted by: Christopher R.
August 3, 2003


Disem(G)barking at (C/G) Duvalier (G) Airport
(D) Seeking trans(C)portation to (G) town (C/G) (G)
As the purple ink (C/G) dried on his (G) passport
He could (D) still feel the (C) eyes look a(G)round (C/G) (G)
(G) "Messieur, ou y (C/G) le (G) casino?"
He (D) spoke to the (C) cabbie and (G) smiled (C/G) (G)
The driver (C/G) replied "Veaux ou (G) noveaux"
As he (D) motioned the (C) dark man (G) inside (C/G) (G)

(Bm) Business in Aruba con(C)cluded
He now (A) had a little money to (D) spend (Dsus) (D7)
That's how I (C) came to (D) meet my African (G) friend

We were (G) rolling the (C/G) bones several (G) hours
Con(D)versing as (C) most gamblers (G) do (C/G) (G)
We were calling on (C/G) all of our (G) powers
(D) Hoping to (C) see the night (G) through (C/G) (G)
But not ap(G)proving at (C/G) all of our (G) winnings,
The (D) pit boss he (C) tugged at his (G) sleeve (C/G) (G)
Through the whole thing my (C/G) new friend was (G) grinning
When he (D) motioned it's (C) time we should (G) leave (C/G) (G)

With our (Bm) night at the tables (C) behind us
We were (A) ready just to do it a(D)gain (Dsus) (D7)
That's (C) when I came to (D) know my African (G) friend


But I (G) woke up on the (C/G) steps of a (G) w***ehouse
A (D) soldier told me (C) I'd better (G) leave (C/G) (G)
As I stumbled to (C/G) find me a (G) taxi
I (D) saw a note (C) pinned to my (G) sleeve (C/G) (G)
It was a (G) pleasure and a (C/G) hell of an (G) evening
It (D) truly was our (C) night to (G) win (C/G) (G)
But the authorities in(C/G)sist on my (G) leaving
Take (D) care, my (C) American (G) friend (C/G) (G)

With my (Bm) weekend in Haiti (C) concluded
I now (A) had a little money to (D) spend (Dsus) (D7)
That's (C) when I came (D) meet my African (G) Friend
That's (C) when I came (D) meet my African (G) Friend
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