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Jim Croce - Box #10 (Chord)
Submitter: eric_steinmetz (18) on 8/26/03
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BOX #10 - Jim Croce, 1970

Intro: C, G, Am, F, C, G, F, C, G
               C        G              Am                F
Well out of southern Illinois, come a down home country boy
            C                           G                   F  G  C   
Hes gonna make it in the city playin guitar in the studio
          C                   G            Am                 F
Well he hadnt been there an hour, when he met a Broadway flower
              C                               G                   F  C  G
You know she took him for his money and she left him in a cheap hotel  

           C               G               A             F
Well its easy for you to see, that that country boy is me
            C                           G                        F  C  G
Im sayin howm I gonna ever break the news to the folks back home
             C                 G                  Am           F
Well I was gonna be a great success, things sure ended up a mess
 C                  G                     F  C
But in the process, I got messed up too

             G                     F      G
Well hello momma and dad I had to call collect
         F          G           C   G
cause I aint got a cent to my name
Well Im sleepin in the hotel doorway
       G                    F    G
And tonight they say its gonna rain
              C    C/B          Am        G
And if youd only send me some money
        C         C/B    Am       G
Id be back on my feet again
 C          C/B         Am      G      F          C     (x2)
Send it in care of the Sunday Mission Box Number 10

              C         G                  Am                F
Oh back in southern Illinois, they still worryin bout that boy
 C                   G                             F  C  G
But this boys goin home soon as he gets the fare
            C                 G             Am             F
Because as soon as I got my bread, I got a pipe upside my head
                C                            G                    F   C              
You know they left me in an alley, took my money and my guitar too

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