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Hunters And Collectors - Holy Grail (Tab)
Submitter: aussief (103) on 4/30/12 1 comment
Month Views: 17 | Total Views: 4,524
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Words and Music by Mark Seymour, Jeremy Smith, Doug Falconer, John Archer
                   Barry Palmer, Michael Waters, John Howard and Robert Miles

Piano Intro

G|-4--------------|------------| DRUMS  
D|----------------|------------| THEN PLAY

E         A             C#m     B         E         A            C#m      B
/  / / / / / / /  / / | / / x x x x / / | /  / / /  / / /  / / | /  / x x x x / /

Woke up this morning,
          C#m       B
from the strangest dream
I was in the biggest army,
          C#m      B
The world has ever seen
We were marching as one,
       C#m         B     E      A  C#M   B
on the road to the holy grail

Started out,
        C#m         B
Seeking fortune and glory
It's a short song, but it's one 
C#m        B
Hell of a story, when you
Spend your lifetime trying to get
      C#m         B     E      A  C#m  B
Your hands on the Holy Grail

A                           C#m    B
Well have you heard of the Great Crusade?
A                          C#m       B
We ran into millions, and nobody got paid
          A                         C#m
Yeah, we razed four corners of the globe,
         B     E     A  C#m  B
For the Holy Grail.

E   A    C#m   B

All the locals scattered,
          C#m           B
They were hiding in the snow
We were so far from home,
   C#m             B
So how were we to know,
There'd be nothing left to plunder
         C#m            B     E       A  C#m  B
When we stumbled on the Holy Grail?

We were full of beans
            C#m         B
But we were dying like flies
And those big black birds,
           C#m            B
they were circling in the sky,
A                            C#m
And you know what they say, yeah,
   B             E       A  C#m  B
Nobody deserves to die.
Oh I,
           E/D                   C#m
I've been searching for an easy way
              A             E
to escape the cold light of day
          E/D                 C#m
I've been high, and I've been low
                A            E    E  E/D  C#m
But I've got nowhere else to go
        A               E
There's nowhere else to go

 E/D   C#m   A  E  A  C#m  B  E  A  C#m  B

I followed orders
C#m                  B
God knows where I've been
But I woke up alone, 
        C#m         B
all my wounds were clean
I'm still here
C#m          B           E     A     C#m   B
I'm still a fool for the Holy Grail~~~~~~~~~~
Oh yeah,
C#m    B            E    A     C#m  B     E  A  C#m  B  E
I'm a fool for the Holy Grail~~~~~~~~~

An F. K. Tab,, Enjoy!!!!!!!
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Nice job. KK.
-kraziekhat | 5/1/2012
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