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Georgie Fame - The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde (Tab)
Submitter: aussief (7) on 2/13/13 1 comment
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  Words and Music by Mitch Murray and Peter Callander


G                      C              D7
Bonnie and Clyde were pretty lookin' people
    C               D7                   C       G
But I can tell you people They were the devil's children,
G                 C                D7
Bonnie and Clyde began their evil doin'
     C         D7         C       G
One lazy afternoon down Savannah way,
      G                   C                     G
They robbed a store, and high-tailed outa that town
     C               G      E
Got clean away in a stolen car,
     A7              D7        G
And waited till the heat died down,

G                 C               D7
Bonnie and Clyde advanced their reputation
    C          D7
And made the graduation
           C      G
Into the banking business.
  G                         C                  D7
"Reach for the sky" sweet-talking Clyde would holler
    C              D7            C      G
As Bonnie loaded dollars in the dewlap bag,
     G                C                 G
Now one brave man-he tried to take 'em alone
      C                   G       E
They left him Iyin' in a pool of blood,
     A7              D7          G
And laughed about it all the way home.

G                       C                D7     G
Bonnie and Clyde got to be public enemy number one
G                        C              D7       G
Running and hiding from ev'ry American lawman's gun.
E                         A7
They used to laugh about dyin',
D7                        G
But deep inside 'em they knew
E                           A7
That pretty soon they'd be lyin'
Beneath the ground together
G7                     C
Pushing up daisies to welcome the sun
         D7      G
And the morning dew.

G              C        D7
Acting upon reliable information
   C         D7              C      G
A fed'ral deputation laid a deadly ambush.
G                            C             D7
When Bonnie and Clyde came walking in the sunshine
  C              D7             C      G
A half a dozen carbines opened up on them.

G                  Cm               D7
Bonnie and Clyde, they lived a lot together
     Cm       D7           G
And finally together they died,

An F. K. Tab,,,,Enjoy!!!!!!
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Good one. Nice job. KK.
-kraziekhat | 2/13/2013
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