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Genesis - Jesus He Knows Me (Chord)
Submitter: WildCard76 (36) on 11/11/04
Month Views: 5 | Total Views: 6,077
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Album: We Can't Dance
1991, Atlantic Records
Submitted by: Christopher R.
11:07 PM 11/11/2004

Capo 1st Fret

(Dm) Do you see the face (C) on the TV screen (Am) coming at you (Dm) every Sunday
(Dm) See the face on the (C) billboard, (Am) that man is (Dm) me
(Dm) On the cover of the (C) magazine, (Am) there's no question (Dm) why I'm smiling
(Dm) You buy a piece of (C) paradise, (Am) you buy a piece of (Dm) me
(C) I'll get you (D) everything you wanted (oohoh)
(C) I'll get you (D) everything you need (oohoh)
(C) Don't need to be(D)lieve in hereafter (oohoh), (C) just believe in (D) me

(Gm) Jesus He (C) knows me, and He (F) knows I'm (Bb) right
(Gm) I've been talking to (C) Jesus (F) all my (Bb) life
(Gm) Oh yes, He (C) knows me, and He (F) knows I'm (Bb) right
(Gm) And He's been (C) telling me (D) everything's (gonna be) allright

(Dm) I believe in the (C) family (Am) with my ever loving (Dm) wife beside me
(Dm) But she don't know about my (C) girlfriend or the (Am) man I met last (Dm) night
(Dm) Do you bel(C)ieve in God, (Am) 'cos that's (Dm) what I'm selling
(Dm) And if you wanna go to (C) heaven, (Am) I'll see you (Dm) right
(C) You won't ever have to (D) leave your house (oohoh)
(C) Or get (D) out of your chair (oohoh)
(C) You don't even have to (D) touch that dial (oohoh), (C) 'cos I'm every(D)where

Repeat Chorus

(F#m) Won't find me (A) practicing (C#m) what I'm (F#m) preaching
(F#m) Won't find me (A) making no (C#m) sacri(F#m)fice
(F#m) But I can (A) get you a (C#m) pocketful of (F#m) miracles
(F#m) If you promise to be (A) good, (C#m) try to be (F#m) nice
(G) God will take good care of (F#m) you
Just (G) do as I say, don't do as I (Asus) do 	  	 -

(Dm) I'm counting my (C) blessings, (Am) I've found true (Dm) happiness
(Dm) 'cos I'm getting (C) richer, (Am) day by (Dm) day
(Dm) You can find me in the (C) phone book, (Am) just call my (Dm) toll free number
(Dm) You can do it any(C)way you want, just (Am) do it right a(Dm)way
(C) There'll be no (D) doubt in your mind (oohoh)
(C) You'll believe every(D)thing I'm saying (oohoh)
(C) If you wanna get (D) closer to him (oohoh)
(C) Get on your knees and (D) start paying

Repeat Chorus and Fade out...
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