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Del Amitri - Kiss This Thing Goodbye (Chord)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (10) on 3/9/18
Month Views: 13 | Total Views: 970
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Kiss This Thing Goodbye.
Del Amitri.
Album: Hatfull Of Rain.

(If you want 12 bar Capo 3 
chords E A B F#7)

Intro: G C
It seems like weeks since you looked at me, 
Baby, without that look of distaste, 
G/D                   G6
I don't know why your feelings are changing, 
But I've seen it in your face, 
And all those times when our lips were kissing, 
Our tongues were telling lies, 
G/D                           G6
And all those signs I've been missing, 
A7                  D
Right there in your eyes,

   C                             G            C
So come on babe, let's kiss this thing goodbye
      C         G            C
Let's kiss this thing goodbye

  G/D            G6
I sometimes feel when we're together baby, 
Everything has turned out wrong, 
And I know you feel exactly the same way, 
But still we carry on, 
G/D                 C/D     G/D
I've been waiting up by the window, 
G/D                    C/D
Watching these cars go by, 
And I tell myself that I'll go through the motions, 
        A7        D
For the last time tonight,

   C                             G            C
So come on babe, let's kiss this thing goodbye,
      C                   G  C
Let's kiss this thing goodbye.

F Bbmaj7 F Bbmaj7 F6 Bb

        Gmaj7              C/D            G/D
Now I'm watching the fumes foul up the sunrise, 
G/D                         G6
I'm watching the light fade away,
And I'm hoping tonight that I'll open the door, 
    A7                D      C
And you'll stand here and say,

C                                       D  C
Come on babe, let's kiss this thing goodbye, 
                      G      D  C
Better make it sooner than later, 
C                   D   C
Before it all turns sour, 
C                          Am                  G/D
Don't you know we'd better kiss this thing goodbye.

Break: Cmaj7 G Cmaj7 

C6      G/D              Cmaj7      G       
Come on babe, let's kiss this thing, goodbye.

Cmaj7 G C G C G Cmaj7 G C Em7 G 
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