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Bryan Adams - When You're Gone (Chord)
Submitter: twizzle05 (110) on 12/23/05
Month Views: 20 | Total Views: 4,633
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When You're Gone--performed by Bryan Adams and Mel C
written by Adams/Kennedy
Album: "On a Day Like Today"

INTRO: Dm  F  C            G
               When you're gone!

          Dm                   G                 C
I've been wanderin' around the house all night, wonderin' what the hell to do
         Dm                        G                     C
Yeah I'm tryin' to concentrate but all I can think of is you
       Dm                         G                       C
No the phone don't ring 'cause my friends ain't home, I'm tired of being all alone
        Dm                Bb             G
Got the TV on 'cause the radio's playin' songs that remind me of you

                 Dm   F                  C    G
Baby when you're gone,  I realize I'm in love
               Dm  F                          C    G
Days go on and on,   and the nights just seem so long
                           Dm    F                          C      G 
Even food don't taste that good, drink ain't doin' what it should
                    Dm    Bb                  G
Things just feel so wrong,   baby when you're gone

Yeah, I been drivin' up and down these streets, tryin' to find somewhere to go
Yeah I'm lookin' for a familiar face but there's no one I know
Ah this is torture, this is pain, it feels like I'm gonna go insane
I hope you're comin' back real soon, 'cause I don't know what to do




Oh, baby when you're gone, ah
Bb                    C
Yeah baby when you're gone 
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