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Bruce Springsteen - Secret Garden (Tab)
Submitter: dhs64 (5) on 12/8/05 1 comment
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Secret Garden - Bruce Springsteen

C                | C | F9 | F9 | Am | Am | F9 | F9 | C

                                        F9                    Am 
She'll let you in her house if you come knockin' late at night
                                   F9                      C
She'll let you in her mouth if the words you say are right
If you pay the price she'll let you deep inside
              Am7    G           C
But there's a secret garden she hides
C                         F9                 Am
She'll let you in her car to go drivin' round
                                        F9                     C
She'll let you into the parts of herself that'll bring you down
She'll let you in her heart If you got a hammer and a vice
             Am7    G                   C
But into her secret garden don't think twice

Am             F             C               G
You've gone a million miles  how far'd you get
Am                       F              C                 G
to that place where you can't remember  and you can't forget
C                                     F9                     Am
She'll lead you down a path there'll be tenderness in the air
She'll let you come just far enough so you know she's really there
     C                           F9                    Am
Then she'll look at you and smile and her eyes will say
She's got a secret garden where everything you want
C                        F9
Where everything you need
                   Am7     G      C | C |
Will always stay a million miles away

(Sax solo) | F9 | F9 | Am | Am | F9 | F9 | C | C | F9 | F9 | Am | Am | F9 | F9 |
           | C | C | F9 | F9 | Am | G | C

 C  F9 Am F  Am7 G 

A good suggestion from Kevin Cherry:

I'm writing with something I came up with for Secret Garden, especially
to play it solo acoustic.  Granted, it cries out for an organ part, but
you can do a neat job if you do it like this:

First, tune the low-E string up to F.

  C        F        A        F

And then you can just strum the chords like normal for the rest of the
verse and the bridge.  This works well because you get the main riff and
also get the bass so that the chords come through better than if you
just played the riff.
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I think it's laid out pretty fine. I've seen
this used a lot. It's a good idea for songs
where you're repeating the same chords for
each of the verses. When you finish the first verse, you can look back at the top of the page where it says 2), and read that
first line.
-macg1 | 10/16/2005
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