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Bruce Springsteen - My Father's House (Chord)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (10) on 1/12/19
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My Father's House.
Bruce Springsteen.
Album: Nebraska.

Intro: G6 D G6 E6 D
D                         G         D
Last night I dreamed that,  I was a child,
    G6        D           Em            A
Out where the pines grow, wild and tall,
      D         G             D
I was trying to, make it home through,
                  G6  D  A   D
The forest before the dark...ness falls.

            G6   D        G            D
I heard the wind rustling, through the trees,
            F#     D     Em       A
And ghostly voices, rose from the fields,
                    D        G          D
I ran with my heart pounding, down that broken path,
         A     D
With the devil snapping at my heels.

                D            G  D
I broke through the trees and  there in the night,
   G6       D                        Em  A
My father's house stood shining hard and bright,
The branches and brambles, 
G                   D
Tore my clothes and scratched my arms,
                       A       D
But I ran until I fell shaking in his arms.

Break: G6 D G6 D

I awoke and I imagined, 
    G                D
The hard things that pulled us apart,
                                        Em      A
Will never again sir, tear us from each other's hearts,
      D                   G           D
I got dressed and to that house I did ride,
From out on the road,
                A               D
I could see its windows shining in light.

D                         G              D
I walked up the steps and   stood on the porch,
A woman I didn't recognize came and spoke,
      Em                A
To me through a chained door,
              D     G             D
I told her my story   and who I'd come for,
She said, "I'm sorry, son, 
           Em      A          D
But no one by that name lives here anymore."

Break: D G D A D G D A/G D

   G6       D      G               D
My father's house, shines hard and bright,
   G6            D       G          E
It stands like a beacon, calling me in the night,
A           D       G   D
Calling and calling, so cold and alone,
Shining cross this dark highway,
G6        Em   A   D
Where our sins lie unatoned.
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