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Bobby Darin - La Mer ( Beyond The Sea) (Chord)
Submitter: aussief (67) on 9/8/09 1 comment
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Music by Charles Trenet

      F   Dm Bb  C7         F
Some-where~~~~~~beyond the sea  
Dm    Bb    C7         F  A7  Dm
Some-where waiting for me~~~~~~ 
C7        F         Dm     Bb  D7 Gm
My lover stands on golden sands~~~~~ 
     C7     G    Dm    Bb      G7    C
And watches the ships that go sail---ing 
      F   Dm  Bb  C7        F
Some-where ~~~~~~beyond the sea 
Dm     Bb    C7          F  A7 Dm
She`s there watching for me~~~~~~~ 
C7          F       Dm       Bb  D7 Gm
If I could fly like birds on high~~~~~ 
      C7         G   Dm    Bb     Gm7 C7  F
Then straight to her arms I`d go  sail---ing 
E7   A   F# D6  E7         A
It`s far~~~~~~ beyond  a  star 
F#    D6   E7         A         G7
It`s near beyond the moon~~~~~ 
   C  Am F   G7       C    Am     Dm         G7
I know~~~~` beyond a doubt~~~ my heart will lead 
          C  C7 Am  C7
me there soon~~~~~ 
       F  Dm Bb   C7         F     Dm    Bb   C7
We`ll meet~~~~~~ beyond the shore we`ll kiss just 
       F A7  Dm
as before~~~~~ 
C7          F      Dm      Bb  D7 Gm
Happy we`ll be  beyond the sea~~~~~~ 
     C7   G Dm   Bb      G7  C7 F
And never again I`ll go sail---ing 

Another F. K. Tab,, Enjoy!! 
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Very nice. KK.
-kraziekhat | 9/9/2009
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