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Bob Seger - Fire Lake (Chord)
Submitter: microsysinc (33) on 8/21/08 1 comment
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FIRE LAKE  -  Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
 tabbed by microsysinc at

Verse 1
A*          E                      F#m       Abm  A*
Who’s gonna ride that chrome three wheeler ?
            E               F#m       Abm  A*
Who’s gonna make that first mistake ?
             E                F#m       Abm  A*
Who wants to wear those gypsy leathers,
        E           F#m   Abm  A*
all the way to Fire Lake.

Verse 2
Who wants to break the news about Uncle Joe?
You remember Uncle Joe, he was the one afraid to cut the cake.
Who wants to tell poor Aunt Sarah, Joe’s run off to Fire Lake ?
Joe’s run off to Fire Lake.

D                        C#m              Bm           F#m
Who wants to brave those bronze beauties, lying in the sun ?
           C#m            C#m7     Bm             F#m
With their long soft hair falling, flyin’ as they run.
        D                     Dmaj7                   A
Oh they smile so shy and they flirt so well, and they lay you down so fast.
Till you look straight up and say, 
                           Abm A*  
Oh lord, am I really here… at last ?

Verse 3
Who wants to play those eights and aces ?
Who wants a raise, who needs a stake ?
Who wants to take that long shot gamble,
and head out to Fire Lake ?

A*                     E          F#m     Abm  A*
Head out (who wants to go to Fire Lake ?)
                           E          F#m     Abm  A*
And head out (who wants to go to Fire Lake ?)
               E                F#m    Abm  A*
Head out… head out (out to Fire Lake.)
                   E    F#m   Abm  A*
Who’s gonna do it?

Chord Chart
  Abm  A   A*  Bm  C#m  C#m7  D  Dmaj7  E   F#m   
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Corrected. A* is barre chord. Asterisk was dropped by
format editor. S/B barre A until chorus.
-microsysinc | 8/22/2008
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