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Bob Dylan - Spanish Is The Loving Tongue (Chord)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (10) on 6/28/18 1 comment
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Spanish Is The Loving Tongue.
Bob Dylan.
Album: A Tree With Roots
The Genuine Basement Tapes.

Not a lot of difference between
F#m7 & A or Em7 (G/B) & G down to 
personal preference.

D       F#m           G
Spanish is the loving tongue,
D       F#m    G        A
Soft as music, light as spring,
D        F#m    G
It was a girl I learned it from,
D      F#m     A   D
Living down Sonora way,
D                      G      D
Now, I don't look much like a lover,
        F#m          Em7   A
Still I say her love words over,
D      F#m      G
Mostly when I'm all alone,
D  A     Em7     D
Mi amor, mi corazon.

D        F#m     G
Moonlight on the patio,
D   F#m    Em7     A
Old señora nodding near,
D      A/C#  G
Me and Juana talking low,
D      A     G        D
So the Madre couldn't hear,
D             A7/C#       G    D
Oh, how those hours would go a-flying,
        A            Em7      A
All too soon I would hear her sighing,
D      A         G
In her sweet and sorry tone,
D  A      Em7    D
Mi amore, mi corazon.

D       A        G
Haven't seen her since that night,
D       A         G        A
I can't cross the line you know,
D           A7/C#  G
They want me for a gambling fight,
D        A              D
Like as not it's better so,
        A      G       D
Still I always kind of missed her,
           A          G            A       
Since that last, that day I kissed her,
D         A      G
Broke her heart, lost my own,
D      A  Em7 D   
Adios, mi corazon.

F#m G D A Em7 A D A G D A A/B D F#m7 G D 
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Well Done!!!!
-aussief | 7/1/2018
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